Digital Arms is the industry leading NFT developer focusing on the firearm, hunting and gaming industries. Currently, no ecosystems currently exists in which individuals can invest in such industries, which Digital Arms has boldly set out to create. Digital Arms/ $HNTR Token is partnering with the world’s leading firearm brands, on which the NFT series will be released. The NFTs will be built from computer aided designs (CAD), software specifically designed to aid engineers in the creation, analysis, and optimization of a design to create and exact digital replica. 

“The future vision of Digital Arms and the Hunter Token is clear. Digital Arms has secured partnerships with key industry leaders that will serve as a strategic guide that will assist the company in the development of a vibrant, exciting, and a thriving NFT firearms and hunting marketplace with incredible potential for its investors and partners” – Ben Clarke – CMO Digital Arms.      

Each partner Digital Arms is associated with has been strategically handpicked, along with staunch long-term investors that play a vital role in the company’s development. Digital Arms and the Hunter Token are driving a new, revolutionary Blockchain creation, they will be the benchmark for future firearms and hunting NFTs. As a result, the products & utility Digital Arms plans to create will be unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of art. This ensures the products will not only create value but will also maintain the value that has been created for years, if not decades to come.

Providing value in the community, which Digital Arms has created, is that they will have a platform in which users can own and trade assets relating to firearms, hunting, and the accompanying accessories in the form of NFTs. The ecosystem created by Digital Arms is unique, in that, the system will have an incorporated Digital Armory. The Digital Armory is a platform where users can trade and modify their NFT’s to create more unique NFT’s by adding accessories, further increasing the rarity value. Holders can use their $HNTR Tokens with the various merchants in the marketplace and as the popularity of merchants increases, so does the demographics it will attract, further strengthening and growing the community.  

Digital Arms is not only creating a community marketplace for digital assets, they are also creating a space for physical goods and services. The firearm, hunting, and gaming industries are worth an estimated $326 billion, with billions of users around the world. Digital Arms aims to capture a portion of the individuals with interests in firearms and hunting, converting them into community users who can be passionate about their hobbies in the digital world as well. 

Discussing the Digital Arms Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah noted, “It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons as Digital Arms is an NFT trading platform aimed at firearm, gaming and hunting enthusiasts. We are truly excited to share the Digital Arms project and explain its fundamentals to our readers. We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

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