DM Global

DMGlobal announced the release of their DMG Pay App 1.1, the latest version, which is set to make payment of both crypto and fiat currencies easier and more reliable. 

Visit the official website to sign up and download the DMG Pay App Version 1.1. 

This move remains significant as the app developer in conjunction with DMGlobal strike a balance for fiat and crypto users. Individuals can currently accept and make payments with the added advantage of eliminating the use of debit or credit cards while at the same time upholding on security. 

To ease usage of this app, it only requires a two-step installation process. Individuals are required to sign up at no charge followed by downloading the app. Once it is downloaded, it is installed and ready for use. The benefits of the DMG Pay 1.1 version include its flexibility and convenience, allowing for direct payments from the app. In turn, all received payments are transferred directly to an individual’s DMG Wallet. 

With DMG’s personalised and unique blockchain, you will experience state-of-the-art security levels when using the app. In addition, the app is designed to eliminate the risk of any transaction delays. 

App Information 
Developer: Unicrypt Group AG
Version: DMG Pay 1.1
Update date: 15th Feb 2023
Cost/Price: Free 

iPhone: iOs 12.0 or later 
iPad: iPad 12.0 or later 
iPod: iOs 12.0 or later 
Mac: macOS 11.0 or later/ Apple M1 chip or later 

Download this beneficial version from the Apple store or visit the official website and make both crypto and fiat currency payments at your convenience without compromising on security.  

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