Ecudor token

With the huge potential of tokenized assets, the Ecudor token is quickly becoming the new darling of investors. Here’s why you should get in on the ground floor.

Tokenised assets are digital representations of real-world assets that can be traded on a blockchain. This means they have all the benefits of traditional assets like stocks and bonds, but with blockchain technology’s added security and transparency.

Ecudor Token Tokenised Asset Ownership

The Ecudor platform enables investors to purchase tokens representing ownership of a percentage of a mining machine known as Asics Bitcoin. This machine is used to mine Bitcoin, and the rewards from this activity are distributed among the token holders in proportion to their ownership stake. 

Ecudor aims to provide a transparent and efficient investment opportunity with low fees and a simple process for receiving rewards. In addition, the platform is designed to be scalable so that more machines can be added as demand for investment increases. As such, Ecudor offers an accessible and affordable way for people to invest in Bitcoin mining without purchasing or operating their equipment.

The Inception Roadmap

The token is currently deployed on the Polygon blockchain test net and will roll out to the Polygon main net by the end of next week, with a major site update and pre-sale launch. The roadmap has been designed to ensure a successful and sustainable launch of the Ecudor token, focusing on community engagement and education. 

The roadmap includes a number of critical milestones, such as the launch of a social media campaign and the development of educational materials. The platform will allow the purchase of the first batch of tokens made available and the marketplace planned for the first quarter of next year, will allow the exchange of the tokenized asset in a completely secure way. With a clear roadmap in place, the Ecudor token is well-positioned for success.

The Current Ecudor Token Offerings

The system is easy to use with a stable value: 1 ECOR = 1 EUR. The stable value is guaranteed for the batches made available by the platform (but not on the marketplace). The first batch will be available during the presale, the following batches can only be unlocked by a vote of the governance. The rewards are paid out at the beginning of each month, and net gains are calculated as 1 ECOR = 80% of total mining rewards/number of tokens in circulation. 

Finally, the token is participatory, allowing anyone to invest together and pool costs on their scale. The upcoming governance token will enable holders to vote on and submit improvements to the system. Therefore, the Ecudor token provides an easy, stable, participatory way to invest in Bitcoin mining.

Simon Béroud-blanc, Founder & CEO at Ecudor Token said, “At Ecudor one of the objectives is to participate in the democratization of the crypto ecosystem and more particularly the tokenized assets and to achieve this Platinum Crypto Academy is the perfect partner by its experience and its network. Thanks to them.”

Commenting on the potential of the Ecudor Token project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah said: “We are pleased to discuss this important project where the Tokenisation of Mining Machines is a revolutionary concept that is brought to the users by the Ecudor Token project. We hope to share more about its journey in the coming weeks.”

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