Faerian is an art gallery and community that showcases the best fantasy art from around the world and is one of the first to do so. They represent some of the finest fantasy artists in the world, with their artwork in various forms: digital, painting, music, writing, sculpture, jewellery, photography, etc. The company’s fantasy collections offer a glimpse into the imaginative worlds of various fantasy artists who contributed to titles such as MTG, Lord of the Rings Online, etc. Additionally, all of them have been selected to participate in NFT.NYC 2023 in April. One of them, Linestyle Artwork, will also be featured in the Women In Tech Showcase in 2023.

Featuring a fantasy world, Faerian is co-created through the medium of art, and the first 4 collections are part of the Genesis of Faerian, showcasing unique themes and artists. They will begin with “Light” featuring 22 artworks and six artists. NFTs in Faerian’s collection are divided into four categories based on their rarity: Ultra Rare, Rare, Normal, and Twin. An Ultra Rare NFT comes with 11 editions per artwork, whereas a Rare NFT has 30 editions per artwork, and a Normal NFT has 72 editions per artwork. Lastly, there are Twin NFTs available in 22 editions. In some NFTs, there is a crystal at the bottom, symbolic of the presence of a powerful force. This makes the card even more valuable. Power names are currently being brainstormed on Discord and winners may be eligible for gold whitelisting, which will allow them to pre-book an NFT of their choice.

Faerian has a wonderful variety of artwork from well-known artists, including Winterkeep, Tomas Duchek, David Demaret, Linestyle Artwork, Jakub Jagoda, and Aelin Laer. Chapter 1: Light” 999 NFT collection on March 14th for their pre-mint followed by their public mint on March 15th. As a bonus, among the 999 NFT holders, six lucky winners will be randomly drawn. The six lucky winners will receive exciting utilities ranging from free physical paintings worth $300 to free art commissions worth $1,000. In addition, the 1000th artwork is revealed once all NFTs have been sold out, and it will be from a secret talented artist.

Faerian offers amazing utilities to new collectors, including a $30 gift card from FineArtAmerica specializing in high-quality artwork products, which is available to the first 50 NFT holders who claim it. Thus, if you are interested in an NFT digital collectible that makes you travel to another imaginary realm, Faerian offers just what you need. “Chapter 1: Light” is their 999 NFT collection, where you can become an official Wanderer of Faerian. Why wait any longer? Join their Discord channel to be added to the whitelist!

Mr. Karnav Shah, Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, said: “Faerian is a very cool project that focuses on fantasy art world NFTs found commonly in videogames, book illustrations, gameplay, etc. The company has a clear roadmap and plans to continue releasing great artwork on the platform, including the release of the artbook (probably before the end of Q4 2023). The company has a team of talented artists that have worked on Magic the Gathering, famous video games such as Lord of the Rings and board game illustrations, etc. This makes the project very promising and art NFTs extremely worthy.”

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