With NFTs’ innovative technology revolutionising the world, a number of industries have seen rapid changes. The gaming industry has seen some of the biggest growth. NFT gaming is finally attracting gamers and crypto investors. This is because it is a relatively simple concept. The game world uses NFT assets, which players and collectors can use to purchase and sell.

Funganomics offers NFT and a P2E gaming platform that is fully customised for the P2E (Play To Earn) gaming model. Since the NFT and gaming industries have been working closely together in recent years, Funganomics’ efforts seem well-founded. With their innovative, fun, and engaging products in the NFTs and P2E space, they are creating a fresh, new experience for consumers.

The Project’s Key Points

  • Connects the world’s NFT collectors and players from P2E games via FGS games.
  • Experience the best in VR & AR gaming with FGS games.
  • Use the Binance Smart Chain for faster transactions using heterogeneous sharding. 
  • For full network decentralisation, use on-chain governance. 
  • Relay chains using Proof-of-Stake ensure network security. 
  • The use of cross-chain communication in blockchain networks.
  • Funganomics members receive regular and pulsed updates.
  • The company has completed its first round of seed funding.

Why should you join Funganomics?

  • Get early access to exclusive NFT drops
  • Access to Funganomics’ comprehensive crypto training course
  • Rewards after a year of membership
  • Every month, NFTs with special editions

Funganomics’ goal is to provide unique NFT products and educate those interested in learning more about the NFT sector. That was the inspiration behind the Funganomics crypto training course. After completing the crypto training course, participants will have the possibility of earning additional income.

Considering the potential of Funganomics, the Editor in Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, said, “Nowadays, Play To Earn (P2E) is a market that has exceeded expectations in terms of growth and potential earnings. With Funganomics, players can take part in gameplay challenges and receive exclusive rewards. Additionally, they have an extensive roadmap and a robust pipeline that will ensure regular releases of new, exciting projects. In light of this project’s association with advancing NFTs and the gaming industry, I will keep you posted frequently.

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