Summary: PvP, the new and innovative social gaming ecosystem dedicated to uniting gamers globally, is thrilled to reveal its plans for 2024, including the highly anticipated launch of the PvP token for the Web 2.0 and 3.0 gaming platform, expected to take place in 2024.  PvP has 150,000 users in its pre-token community, and today has announced its partnership with Platinum Crypto Agency.

PvP in partnership with Platinum Crypto Agency has created an exclusive platform for investors to participate in its private, presale token round through December 31. After December 31, PvP is set to release its inaugural NFT collection, sending the buzz viral everywhere.

KOL’s are expecting PvP tokens to inflationary for 3 reasons:

  1. Tokenomics enables the Company to hold any revenue earned and not liquidate it for at least 3 years.
  2. Staking program has been curated to incentivise investors to stake their tokens even during the lock-up period, and earn rewards on invested tokens even longer.
  3. Token release schedule dictates limited supply release capped at < 2% average monthly in Y1 and < 3.2% average monthly in Y2 & Y3.

PvP has already locked in Kava Labs as its lead investor and L1 partner,  seamlessly bridging the worlds of DeFi and GameFi, and early next year will be announcing additional strategic partners for the token launch planned in Q2 2024.

One of the key spokespersons of the company was quoted saying, “We are highly excited for the investment round of PvP tokens. It is going to be a huge fundraiser. Web 3.0 is the future of the gaming industry and PvP has a pre-token community of 150K users. With 10+ Web 3.0 game partners onboarded and traditional Web 2.0 gamers saying yes to new Web 3.0 games, PvP is early and at the center of where the market is headed.

We are building a gaming eco-system to resolve the entrenched, siloed, and fragmented gaming experience by bridging creators, gamers, developers, publishers, guilds, advertisers, and other game-related platforms into a unified, community gaming experience that’s built to evolve.”

About PvP

PvP is a non-toxic universal gaming community built for the future of gaming, Web 3.0, creator economy, and authentic social interactions. With features like newsfeed, clips, squad finder, community pages, customized profiles, direct messages, voice chat, and more one can easily connect with fellow gamers and content creators, find gaming guilds, advertise products, publish new games, and more. The team at PvP has deep experience in crypto, gaming and startups. It has built its monetisation plans around creating value added products and services for gamers that will include an NFT marketplace, revenue share, premium upgrades, merchandise and advertising for gamers.

Stay in Touch with PvP

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