In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, IBAX Crypto has emerged as a pioneer in the asset tokenization market, providing unique and innovative solutions to investors looking for safe, secure, as well as transparent opportunities. With its real-world asset tokenization platform, IBAX digitizes both tangible & intangible assets, thus breaking them down into smaller, tradeable parts – tokens.

IBAX crypto platform opens up a new world of possibilities for investors, who can now own fractions of high-value assets and diversify their portfolios in an unprecedented manner. Moreover, the IBAX’s high-end platform’s ability to facilitate fractional ownership is also a game-changer. It allows potential investors to gain exposure to a wide range of assets without the need to invest fully in each one. This not only improves diversification but also promotes liquidity creation.

Not only this, the IBAX Crypto platform goes beyond merely tokenizing assets; it also offers businesses an extensive suite of services, from creating offers as well as setting up yield strategies to  attracting investors and managing digital portfolios. By offering smart contracts and a user-friendly platform, IBAX enables businesses to showcase their projects more effectively and promote growth.

Check out the USPs of IBAX Crypto’s Asset Tokenization Platform

IBAX Crypto’s Asset Tokenization Platform boasts many unique selling points which make it stand out in the market:

Operational Efficiency:

The IBAX platform automates KYC onboarding, compliance, and asset digitization, thus decreasing manual work as well as inefficiencies. In fact, it also enables almost instantaneous settlement, thus promoting a more efficient market.

Fractionalization of Assets:

Fractional ownership allows smaller investors to enter into new markets, increasing overall market liquidity. Smart contracts and atomic swaps facilitate secure and seamless multiparty trades.

It Offers Transparency:

Distributed ledger technology also ensures complete transparency, thus offering users the full history as well as the provenance of assets, fostering trust & accountability.

IBAX Crypto’s Asset Tokenization Platform caters to two main audiences:

Asset Owners:

Businesses that are looking to raise capital for their projects can take advantage of the platform to create and issue tokens, implement yield strategies, as well as manage investor relations efficiently.


The platform offers numerous investment opportunities, thus allowing investors to explore projects which align with their preferences & strategies. With a compliant and liquid investment environment, investors gain access to new markets and opportunities globally.

The Gascoin (GCN) Token: A Visionary Tokenization Innovation

As part of its commitment to innovation, IBAX has introduced the Gascoin (GCN) Token, representing Natural Gas Resources, specifically Coal Bed Methane. This tokenization innovation offers investors access to 24/7 liquidity through a robust secondary marketplace on the IBAX crypto asset tokenization platform.

ICO Phase 1 of the GCN Token issuance offers 22,500,000 tokens at a discounted price of USD 80 per token, starting on 31st August 2023. This discounted offering incentivizes new investors, ensuring the rapid monetization of a highly lucrative Natural Gas – Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project and Electricity Production. The strategic balance between the discount magnitude and the time value impact drives optimal valuation outcomes for all token holders, thus creating tangible value within the real economy.


IBAX Crypto stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the asset tokenization landscape, offering a visionary approach to unlock new opportunities for investors in the Natural Gas sector. With a focus on efficiency, transparency, and innovation, IBAX Crypto’s Asset Tokenization Platform and the Gascoin (GCN) Token offers a seamless and transparent investment experience, thus redefining the way investors engage with real-world assets. As the platform continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it is poised to make a significant mark in the world of blockchain technology and digital asset management.

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