International Precious Metals Bullion (IPMB) Ltd with its aim to digitize the gold ecosystem, created GeM (Global Exchanged Metal), the first and currently only vertically integrated physical gold backed NFT. GeM NFT is 100% backed by and exchangeable into traceable and sustainably produced pure gold bars.

As a digitized NFT of precious metals, standardized GeMs may be purchased with IPMB tokens.

On behalf of GeM holders, IPMB will hold the allocated physical gold metal in their state-of-the-art international vaults with each GeM representing a defined quantity of the allocated physical gold. As such, the production process, starting from the mine down to the vault for storage will be managed by IPMB.

Why invest in GeM NFT?

GeM NFT comes with the added advantage that individuals can buy gold at more affordable rates, below the market price. This is possible because there are no costs associated with GeM on delivery, logistics, storage, management costs or on GeM transfer. Fees are only applicable when holders choose to convert the NFT to physical metal and have it delivered as per the platform’s terms and conditions. 

In addition, GeM is the only gold-backed NFT that does not charge any additional fee for storage and insurance of physical gold holdings belonging to crypto owners. Therefore, holding gold with GeM comes with zero cost, as the proceeds from the industrial process cater for the storage, security and audit of the gold.

Currently, GeM provides gold investors with a full-scale traceability of their assets through the entire industrial process. Also, individuals will be able to obtain detailed data on environmental and social impact throughout the process as well. This makes it the ideal investment that also addresses environmental sustainability.

Offering 3 standard types of GeM (GeM10, GeM100, and GeM1000) and a non-standardized GeM (bespoke) makes it ideal for investors to meet their ideal preferences when making purchases. The standardized GeMs will represent 10g, 100g and 1kg of gold respectively whereas the non-standardized GeM will be customized to suit the needs and preferences of an investor.

Gold-interested investors can visit IPMB website to stay-up-to-date on all the GeM NFT investment opportunities.

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