Giving To Services, a decentralised ecosystem that rewards public service workers, is in the final stages of upgrading its platform. They are all set to move the SVS token from ERC-20 to XRPL. XRP Ledger (XRPL) is an open-source, decentralised ledger that provides a secure, efficient, and secure platform to exchange, store, and send digital assets. As a result, GTS’s new platform will have more features, be more sustainable, and be more user-friendly than ever before. 

The benefits of switching to XRPL

Low Transaction Fees. XRPL ensures fast, secure, low-cost transactions through its consensus-based transaction fee system. Consequently, GTS can launch applications on XRPL without incurring high transaction costs.

Reliable. The XRPL blockchain platform can handle 1,500 transactions per second, far exceeding any other blockchain platform. The system is designed to ensure that transactions are processed quickly and with reliability. GTS will be able to process payments with real-time settlement, resulting in improved payment efficiency.

Carbon Neutral. GTS is moving from ERC-20 to XRPL, the world’s first carbon-neutral public blockchain. XRPL uses significantly less energy than most blockchains and is one of the reasons why they decided to make the switch. Furthermore, they joined the Crypto Climate Accord to help make crypto greener.

About Giving To Services

Giving To Services is a community-centric rewards platform that recognises and rewards public service workers who continue to be undervalued and underpaid in a global society. It empowers public service personnel via decentralised finance tools and robust digital currency (SVS token). To take advantage of the GTS initiative, every member of the military, police, fire, and health services can create a wallet on the GTS platform.

Recently, Giving To Services has received the Bronze award in the Armed Forces Covenant for supporting veterans. Based on the company’s mission and technology, it is well-positioned to lead crypto philanthropy efforts and capture the growth of the global crypto market.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr Karnav Shah, says about Giving To Services, “Currently, SVS Token is the world’s top charity token by market cap, indicating its potential. GTS is switching from ERC-20 to XRPL, a decentralised public blockchain that is fast, stable, and energy-efficient. Additionally, their team is developing a new feature that will allow users to purchase SVS with a debit card. GTS has made great progress recently, and they’re also expanding their staff to ensure all work is done professionally and on time! Stay tuned for more updates, as I will keep readers informed about the project’s progress!”

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