Global Mentor Exchange announced that they are working on the first AI powered metaverse in the world. The key objective of this platform is to solve the HR and performance issues by making use of a gamified environment. Their presale will kickstart from August 31st,  

[California] – Global Mentor Exchange has been in the news of late. They have announced the world’s first AI powered people development metaverse. This platform will help people make the most of gamified environment. They will be using such an environment for the sake of helping boost the HR and performance issues and give a much clearer picture to the users. The underlying idea is to ensure that one can harness the best of technology and boost the productivity manifold at the same time. To keep the momentum going, they have announced the next presale too as all the previous presales have been massive successes. The next one will start from August 31st, 2023.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are immensely pleased to see the kind of buzz that is generated. We have been toying with this idea for a long time now. We know that there was a need to use AI for such purposes. So, we worked hard on it and the result is for everyone to see.”

The presale is ongoing and all those who are keen to jump to this idea should be a part of the platform and buy the tokens. It is these AI powered platforms that truly are the future of tomorrow. The use of AI will help in simulating the real world problems and offer the befitting solutions which in turn will be ideal for boosting the productivity as well. The next round is all set to start from August 31st and people are already gearing up to buy their tokens. 

This platform aims at identifying the root cause and knowing what has essentially led to the problem. This helps in offering the kind of solution that will aid in eradicating the problem on the whole. Those who would like to know more about this AI powered platform and even be a part of the presale by buying the tokens should make it a point to visit

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Global Mentor Exchange is one of the top platforms that aims at simulating real world problems in the workplace and offer best solutions. They are an AI powered platform for helping solve HR and people related performance issues. 

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