Picture a world where managing a Crypto cryptocurrency wallet, trading, exchanging digital-assets, and saving or spending your fiat, involves One. Single. Log-in… Welcome to the world of Globiance, where you can do all of this and MORE using the Globiance Platform and App.

Globiance has revolutionized the management of digital-assets and added banking features for both Corporate and Retail customers. They’ve made it easy for crypto traders, money-savers and even businesses to access, trade, send / receive funds and MORE. All of this can be done from a single location, on one powerful platform - Globiance.

Does your current Crypto Exchange platform or Digital Wallet offer debit-card access, crypto-trading, bank, or shopping capabilities? Does it offer you Rewards and shower you with Free Tokens? 

Introducing Referral REWARDS. Refer & Earn at Globiance, it’s a simple way to generate passive rewards. If you’re already a Globiance Platform user, earning GBEX Tokens just got easier. Simply refer friends, family and colleagues to sign up to the platform, and share your (one-time-use/person) referral-code with them. When they join, you will instantly be enrolled to receive a lifetime of GBEX token rewards. 

Staking your GBEX Tokens. Want to earn even more tokens – on top of your refer & earn rewards? Stake your GBEX and take advantage of guaranteed yields. When you stake your GBEX for 1 year, you will earn 10% APY. Stake for 6 months and earn 8% APY or 3 months 3% APY. Globiance has spent countless hours perfecting their staking system, and with the 10% APY option, GBEX Stakers will be very happy! 

Globiance is a Smooth Operator… Fast Speeds and Low Fees equal a smooth, crypto-trading experience. If you are fed-up with paying high ‘gas-fees’ for transacting, then make the switch and start trading with Globiance today! You’ll enjoy 2-second transaction speeds, pay “ultra-low” fees and say goodbye to high-fees, forever!!

Globiance features are endless…

Trade on the Globiance Banking/Crypto Exchange. The Globiance banking/crypto exchange platform allows traders to trade using either the Globiance DEX (decentralized) or the Globiance CEX (centralized) exchange. For each transaction on the CEX as well as wallet transfers, tokens burn and holders earn.

Access Anywhere, Anytime. Globiance’s banking features allow you to exchange currencies and access funds quickly and securely. Opening a multi-currency account is another option, which includes traditional currencies such as; EUR, USD, SGD, and HKD. The crypto wallet includes BTC, ETH, GBEX, USDG, and EURG. 

Going Shopping? Why not use your GBEX Tokens? The Globiance platform offers users a Globiance debit-card which can be used for shopping, fiat withdrawals, and other transactions. With a Globiance debit-card you can even pay for your shopping with your GBEX tokens or other cryptocurrencies. That’s what we call access!!

Live Support. The Globiance live, online, chat service, allows you to communicate with the support team, in real-time. The LIVE support team is first-rate! The Globiance community is a friendly place where you can meet like-minded people, ask questions and get answers. 

About Globiance: Globiance is an exchange platform on the XDC network that offers integrated bank and crypto exchange services. The Platform can be used for Crypto and Fiat currency exchange, payment solutions, and international money transfers. GBEX is the exclusive utility token of the Globiance Platform, which is used to transact globally. The GBEX utility token is deflationary. GBEX tokens are burned and GBEX Holders earn GBEX Rewards as transactions are made. The token supply is constantly burning and shrinking.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, comments: “Globiance offers financial services to professionals and individuals. GBEX is their ultimate token and has the potential for rapid growth. At the moment, GBEX is available at incredibly low prices. Take advantage of this opportunity and get a chance to get in early. Moreover, NFTs and GameFi are soon to be launched on Globiance.”

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