Globiance- The World’s First Banking & Digital-exchange Platform

Globiance – The worlds first Banking & Digital-exchange platform combined, is one of the most exciting exchanges in the Digital Marketplace!  

The Banking / Digital-Asset Exchange-hub, is announcing the launch of 13 new platforms worldwide in addition to European platform already in operation.

GBEX –  the deflationary ‘Native Token’ of Globiance, entered new territory since its release last year, trading in April at an ATH of 0.00000284, crossing the 1Billion Market Cap.  GBEX Token’s outstanding utility, combined with burn&reward system is poised to raise the standard for digital-asset tokenomics. 

Coming July 2022!! – Globiance is set to release upgrades on all of it’s platforms – including;

  • A Brand-new trading-engine, designed with increased operability, and scalability.
  • Globance Referral ‘REWARDS’ system – Get Rewarded for referring your friends.
  • The Addition of ‘Limit Trading’ to the Globiance App.
  • User Interface (UI/UX) improvements, creating an even smoother  “user-friendly” experience.
  • An additional GBEX Rewards Incentive is coming!!  This will be a fun and exciting way to get rewarded just for increasing your GBEX holdings!  Level-up your holdings to unlock your rewards!!
  • You can still purchase GBEX tokens at an affordable price for life-changing amounts.  

Get your GBEX tokens today and sit back, relax and  watch how fast your investment grows. 

“By the end of 2024, Globiance will be one of the top 20 Exchanges -Worldwide!” – Oliver Marco La Rosa  

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Discussing the Globiance Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah noted: “Globiance brings to the users a platform which combines the flexibility of a multi-currency account and the option of a Crypto Wallet at the same place. I’m sure learning about Globiance’s solution is an enriching experience for both our analysts and readers. I am positive, we will be the first to share the new developments taking place with the Globiance project.”

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