HoneyWood, a play-and-earn game running on an independent blockchain, allows individuals to play for 5 minutes a day and earn, bringing together entertainment with rewards. 

HoneyWood comes with the added advantage that it is adapted for all smart devices, has a simplified interface/graphics, earns just in 5 minutes as well as offers a stable economy. Due to its outstanding features and gaining popularity, competitors are also embracing and developing AAA games that are considered blockbusters. Embracing blockchain technology, HoneyWood features match3 and farming modes that are currently considered the most popular in web2 as they seek to surpass the likes of Candy Crush Saga in Web 2.0. 

HoneyWood statistical analysis indicates stable growth with 6.4M casual players in the blockchain field and 300M players outside of blockchain with a forecast of capturing 10% web3 casual players within a year. Currently, there are 7.200 players and 61.000 users in the community. Since the launch of the game, the player base has shown constant growth with approximately 30% every month. 

About the game: 

HoneyWood is based on an independent and dedicated blockchain in the Cosmos Ecosystem and it can therefore be connected to all blockchains. On an independent blockchain, all transaction fees remain in the game thus stabilizing the economy. Its ability to connect to all blockchains enhances its growth rate making it easier for more users to access. As such, HoneyWood was the first to connect to OKC under OKx and it remains the first “blockbuster” game in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Why HoneyWood is gaining popularity?

HoneyWood is gaining popularity not just as a game but also as an opportunity to earn. The game’s attraction and retention mechanics are strong which helps retain the steady growth.

HoneyWood as an opportunity to earn 

Since the inception of the project, there exist more than 300k transactions in the game. 

The game features a transparent business model. In addition, users will benefit from the self-sustainable mode. Individuals will be able to sell game assets, receive a percentage from pvp battles, trade, and earn commission fees. 

Individuals can buy coins from which they can stake them to receive profits from the commission earned in the game. As such, coin owners can develop the game to make it more attractive and indulging for players. 

There are 2 native coins (HoneyCoin and CONE) that offer distinct advantages for the different gaming strategies. Both coins will be listed on exchange platforms in Q3 and Q4 with HoneyCoin listing already announced by Bitmart.com. 

To deliver the purpose and objectives of the game, HoneyWood has partnered with OKC, Bitmart, Cosmos, DaoStarter, Tegro, NOVA, Moneta Today, and CherrySwap. 

Discussing the HoneyWood Play and Earn Blockchain Game, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah noted, “It’s rare you come across a project that explores wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons by merging entertainment with rewards like HoneyWood has done with their Play and Earn blockchain game. We are truly excited to share the HoneyWood project and explain its fundamentals to our readers. We are certain that we will have more about this promising blockchain game in our subsequent publications.”

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