The fashion industry is a 3 trillion dollar industry, and it’s no secret that digital technology is rapidly changing how we think about fashion. The global digital fashion market is projected to reach $67 billion by 2027. With the rise of virtual reality and metaverse technology, the demand for digital fashion is rising, and the House of Fashion is poised to take advantage of this market opportunity.

The House of Fashion NFT collection, an unprecedented collaboration between art, fashion, and Web 3.0 technology, plans to blend the physical and digital fashion space through physical+digital clothing drops, AR & VR digital wearables, redeemable fashion items, virtual experiences, real-world & metaverse fashion shows & community involvement. The minting of the NFT project will begin on February 24, 2023.

The pioneering project is the brainchild of Lisa Camero, an accomplished artist and fashion designer who originally hails from Puerto Rico and is now based in Miami. She has risen from the fields and modest upbringing in Puerto Rico to the bustling and high-paced city of Miami. Over time, her art evolved, and she moved from traditional paintings to creating an entire fashion collection, later bringing her fashion and art into the digital space.

The House of Fashion NFT collection features 10,000 art NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain designed by Lisa Camero, whose paintings have been displayed at prestigious events like Art Basel 2018. Lisa also launched her own ready-to-wear fashion brand, LCamero Brand, in the same year, which has been featured in fashion shows and worn by musicians such as Vikina, Domino Saints, and Yahaira Plascencia. Her physical paintings have also gained recognition and have been acquired by art collectors in Miami, Chicago, California, and Puerto Rico. 

The project plans to create fashion pieces for new digital platforms wherever consumers need them, regardless of the underlying technology. These could be augmented reality filters for social media, virtual meetings, or wearables for metaverses. There will also be a combination of fashion pieces that exist both in the physical world and as digital wearables in the metaverse.

The House of Fashion NFT collection offers a unique blend of physical and digital fashion and provides additional benefits for its holders. By connecting their wallet, holders will automatically receive exclusive VIP pricing across the LCamero and House of Fashion online stores and partner brands. Adding to the benefits, holders can win exclusive prizes and perks through member raffles, held quarterly. These raffles will feature a variety of exciting rewards, such as one-of-a-kind physical paintings, art prints, customized jackets, personalized styling sessions, and even the chance to model for clothing photoshoots. In addition, each NFT held by an individual serves as a raffle ticket, giving them a chance to win these unique and highly sought-after perks. Furthermore, holders will have access to phygital NFT drops, which can be traded or redeemed for both physical and digital wearables. The House of Fashion will release limited-edition capsule collections from the head designer and in collaboration with other fashion brands, providing unique and exclusive fashion pieces for holders to own and showcase.”

According to Lisa, “the mission of the House of Fashion is to celebrate the world of fashion that influences everything – from society to our culture and beyond.” As she continues in traditional and digital art, viewers will see relevant themes centered around women, fashion, technology, and modern life. With the increasing popularity of VR headsets, the metaverse, and the rise of Zoom calls for business, digital fashion is going to be an essential aspect of the fashion industry; the House of Fashion is ready.

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