The House of Fashion NFT collection will mint on May 5 with the digital collectibles functioning as more than just artworks. The NFT project is an unprecedented collaboration between art, fashion and technology. There will be a collection of 10,000 NFT with 30 backgrounds.

Besides, there will be various other traits, a combination of which will  make each NFT unique from another. For instance, there will be 15 skin tones, 53 hair, 15 necklaces, 9 earrings, 27 glasses, 54 clothing, 43 lips and 18 eyes to choose from.

The digital collectible art pieces are created by noted artist and fashion designer Lisa Camero, who plans to bring about a paradigm shift in the world of Web 3.0 fashion. House of Fashion plans to create fashion pieces for new digital platforms wherever consumers will need them. It will be technology-agnostic and will be present wherever the need of the audience is.

The NFT are like access passes to the world of House of Fashion, a Web 3.0 fashion brand. The NFT will have utilities in the physical world as well as in the digital world through their presence in the metaverse. Moreover, there will be real-world fashion shows as well to showcase new fashion and designing talents.

Holders of the digital collectibles will have exclusive access to limited-edition clothing drops, preferred pricing across all its brands, exclusive digital wearables, and entry into future events. 

House of Fashion has created waves in the industry with its immersive experiences that merges fashion and technology. It blends augmented reality or virtual reality (AR/VR) with fashion, thereby enhancing the runway experience with NFT.

House of Fashion has established itself as a new kind of creative brand that seamlessly integrates the worlds of art, fashion and technology. The brand’s versatility is evident in its three interconnected areas – digital collectibles, exclusive augmented reality filters as well as physical and digital drops.

House of Fashion has recently showcased an immersive launch experience wherein it set a new standard for integrating art, fashion and technology. It provides a glimpse of the future of fashion with its physical and digital collections.

The House of Fashion NFT unlocks many additional benefits for the creative individuals within its community, which comprises talented fashion designers, photographers, videographers, stylists, models and others.

Hitherto, these talented individuals found it difficult to showcase their talent to the wider world. With House of Fashion NFT, they will now get the chance to showcase their designs and creations at Lisa’s fashion shows and get complete help from the House of Fashion NFT team.

The fashion designers within the community will get to participate in the fashion show and will be coached through the creative process.

They will also be funded for their material and will be flown to Miami for the event. Besides, they will also be provided with the makeup artist and models to showcase their designs at the fashion show.

The other holders of the House of Fashion NFT community will have access to shows and events. More importantly, they will be able to experience Lisa’s fashion shows, which are anyway full of surprises.

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