Immunify.Life, transforming the landscape of health management and data utilisation, has launched its (Treasury) Public Sale, on November 28, 2022. The platform seeks to transform healthcare by providing a highly secure and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem through blockchain. 

More information is available on the official site: 

The announcement will see the launch of the Treasury Public Sale, which will open doors for potential buyers and token holders as the platform seeks to meet its healthcare vision and mission. 

The public sale kicked off on November 28, 2022, allowing it to run to January 9, 2023, or until the token sale is oversubscribed. As a utility token, $IMM supports the Immunify.Life ecosystem with its use cases, including: 

  • Incentives for: Yield Farming Protocol, Patient Behaviour, and Clinical data provision
  • Payment settlement layer 
  • Staking upon registration 
  • Payment for NFT digital medical certificate acquisition
  • Fees received to acquire/access medical data 

This public sale is in line with the platform’s commitment to providing secure and quality health solutions for patients and professionals, as well as investors across the globe.  

According to Guy Newing, CEO of Immunify.Life, “We encourage our community members and potential purchasers to prepare as we move toward the token sale. Together, we will redefine healthcare for the better.”

The CEO further points out the state of their current projects, saying, “We are involved in several on-the-ground projects in different countries in Africa. Our COVID project in Zambia and the HIV clinic in Kenya proves that the Immunify.Life concept can have a positive impact in the real world.”

Buyers are requested to visit the treasury and start making reservations. Individuals can reserve and buy $IMM. The first 100 users will receive an addition 10% bonus in $IMM tokens on their purchase. You can read more about the bonus here

Immunify.Life is looking forward to the launch. The platform’s official website provides an overall countdown toward the launch date to ensure individuals remain up-to-date and take advantage of all the details. 

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