$IPMB, the first ever cryptocurrency that allows investors to own the stability of physical gold while eliminating the need to own actual gold bars, is soon launching on one of the largest international central exchanges to allow for bettertrading access across the globe.

Following IPMB’s twitter announcement, many investors will soon have the opportunity to access $IPMB thus enabling traders to enjoy secure as well as fast trading. Though yet to communicate and specify on the exchange, IPMB is promising to further advocate for gold investment in the crypto sphere by providing easier access for investors.

With each GeM token representing a quantity of physical gold metal produced, it is held in first class international vaults on behalf of the GeM holder. To maintain similar standards as with first class international storage, $IPMB will soon be listed on a large international central exchange.

Currently, $IPMB is on several other exchanges and this new venture will help reach a more global and wider target market. More details are yet to be communicated through the official IPMB website which will highlight the date, location, and exchange of the launch.

This good news comes after IPMB’s recent announcement to launch its own exchange. Holding the future of gold on the blockchain, IPMB is keen to partake in renowned exchanges making it possible for investors to trade through their preferred exchange rather than being forced to trade through specific/limited exchanges. The more the options, the better it is for the different traders and investors as it promotes diversity.

Stay tuned and watch as IPMB announces full details of the launch soon. Investors looking for direct access to physical gold without the strain of owning physical gold bars or mininggold,can now do so through IPMB crypto token. Visit the official IPMB website to stay up-to-date on all events and launches.

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