As we all know, cryptocurrencies are facing numerous obstacles when it comes to mainstream adoption. As of now, blockchains and cryptocurrencies have a major problem: people have trouble understanding technology and adopting Web 3. Encircled, a crypto project that connects crypto enthusiasts, is set to transform the crypto industry. Encircled offers solutions to the industry’s current issues to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption.

Encircled provides a one-stop marketplace and central hub for launching new projects and interacting with the crypto community. They offer three core products supported by a range of add-on services integrated seamlessly.

Encircled Learn. They educate Encircled community members and provide them with better opportunities to build their own projects and invest in others’ projects. They attract the most promising entrepreneurs to the crypto space, allowing them to explore it in depth. Additionally, young entrepreneurs can receive the guidance of pre-selected and value-added investors and advisors. Through Encircled, they aim to provide access to the best tools, resources, and information available for research.

Encircled Launch. This part of the Encircled ecosystem is designed specifically for the launch of new coins and crypto projects. Encircled does not prioritise making money over launching projects that appear to be at high risk of failure or have not yet been thoroughly vetted. In contrast, Encircled seeks to attract the best projects by prioritising the safety and success of the community and projects.

Encircled Connect. The Encircled platform provides a social network where crypto community members can connect and grow their network. They allow crypto entrepreneurs to register their projects and invite advisors and investors. Those interested in projects can access information about their owners and investors, see their track records, and assess their capabilities. Encircled places a high priority on community safety. Their team authenticates any channels, projects, or community members before introducing them to the Encircled community.

Whether you’re a new user looking to learn, brainstorm ideas and find team members or a pro-crypto enthusiast looking to interact, connect, develop new projects, and invest, Encircled has something for everyone. The team behind Encircled comprises highly skilled professionals with expertise in engineering, business management, finance, blockchain, and marketing. 

$ENCD is the native utility token of the Encircled ecosystem, which can be purchased at very reasonable prices. As an early bird investor, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced token prices, early access to the project’s products and services, and other perks the project owners offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this historical revolution. Presale is now Live, invest in $ENCD today!

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr Karnav Shah, says about Encircled, “I appreciate that Encircled is committed not only to delivering a valuable product but also to building a strong community. The way they communicate with their community directly and transparently through AMAs and social media is admirable. The promising project roadmap is definitely a plus for potential investors. Participating in their weekly Twitter Spaces sounds like a great way to stay engaged with the community and potentially earn rewards. Overall, I believe Encircled is an attractive investment opportunity.”

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