DMGlobal is proud to announce its recent partnership with Veroway, a Swiss based world-leading digital vault technology and fulfillment company. With the partnership with Veroway, DMGlobal will soon offer QuSecure protection to all private wallet users. Thus, users can securely and efficiently store, transfer, and exchange crypto assets. 

DMGlobal is a decentralised digital wallet and cryptocurrency platform available to anyone worldwide without hassle, costs, or intermediaries. The following are some key features of the DMGlobal platform:

Streamline digital payments. DMGlobal offers a secure digital wallet that simplifies crypto payments. The company facilitates cryptocurrency access through fiat currencies and offers traditional services. Furthermore, they give you the crypto-based DMGLOBAL CARD, which allows you to access your assets anytime and anywhere.

100% Decentralised. The DMGlobal ecosystem is based on a fully decentralised blockchain that provides high levels of security and stability. The system allows for instant payments and very low-cost settlement of transactions, thanks to its total decentralisation.

High Liquidity. DMGlobal offers high liquidity, meaning any crypto asset can be bought or sold quickly and easily. If you are interested in trading crypto assets, there is enough liquidity available on the platform, so you won’t need to check trading volumes.

No Risk of Theft. QuSecure protects the wallets of DMGlobal users. Since QuSecure specialises in post-quantum cybersecurity, DMG users can rest assured that their wallets will be protected from quantum and classical threats. 

About DMGlobal

DMGlobal is building a revolutionary ecosystem that brings crypto transactions, banking, invoicing, international remittances, and trade between crypto and fiat currencies under one umbrella. Their native coin is DMG Coin, which has a fixed value with minimal fluctuation, serving as a support mechanism for the community.

The DMG digital payment ecosystem will employ UniCrypt terminals to replace widely-used POS terminals. In this way, cryptocurrencies can be used for payments without needing to be converted into fiat currency. Similarly, merchants can accept cryptocurrency without prior knowledge of the market, which can then be converted into their own currency once the transaction is complete.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr Karnav Shah, says about DMGlobal, “DM Global’s mission is to enable cryptocurrency owners to use crypto in their daily lives. The platform offers an easy way to purchase desired crypto coins and offers users a multi-currency wallet that incorporates both fiat and cryptocurrencies into one decentralised solution. DMGlobal prioritises security, so they have selected QuSecure to ensure maximum security of their ecosystem, networks, and data. If you are looking for a convenient and secure platform to simplify digital payments, you should consider DMGlobal.”

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