Kiel, Germany – Katana Inu, a revolutionary ecosystem that combines gaming and trading through DeFi and NFTs, is all geared up for its first NFT mint to take place tomorrow on May 10th of 2023. The mint is meant to give access to top-quality NFTs, which can be used as game assets at, a play-to-earn, battle royale, PC-game accompanying a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace built on Ethereum layer 2 solution.

By securing your NFTs, you will unlock an unparalleled utility experience. The Collection allows you to unleash your PFP’s true potential, while the Revolutionary Forging Mechanism, available in approximately three months, would allow you to transform your Forge Champions NFTs into exclusive in-game assets not to be minted anywhere else.

As per the Founder of Katana Inu, “Players can make use of these NFTs to compete in open-world or 5v5 arena scenarios, unlocking special abilities and new gear to become the victor. As a member of the KataArmy, you can join the whitelist and mint your own in-game NFTs in Katana Inu Game, which cannot be minted anywhere else.”

He further adds, “These NFTs are classified as deflationary due to the burning process that takes place after they are forged. You can use them as PFPs, to forge new 3D in-game items, or do buying and selling within Katana Inu ecosystem.”

Early access to testnet will be available in under one month from the mint date, allowing you to be the first to explore in-game Katana Inu content and earn tokens with the ultimate P2E experience. If you own a Forge Champion NFT, you can already immerse yourself in the AAA Web3 gaming experience with fully on-chain gameplay access available on the testnet.

Previous mint holders are automatically whitelisted, and loyalty is rewarded with the exclusive Forge Icon Discord Role in the Katana Inu server and exclusive access to Holders Chat. NFT holders can also dominate in-game PVP mode with an unlimited access.

The upcoming NFT mint just one day from now is a unique opportunity to enter the Katana Inu ecosystem and experience an ultimate P2E gaming experience. Join the whitelist using the below contact details and secure your NFTs to unlock exclusive in-game assets as you plan to dominate the game.

About Katana Inu

KATANA INU ($KATA) is a play-to-earn metaverse NFT-Game in an interactive open-world where all skins and weapons are NFTs. The project focuses on driving Gaming & NFT crypto innovation through its innovative game offerings with auto-staking in-game reward methods. The game also provides its users with an NFT-marketplace on layer 2 solutions on ETH, which allows artists from around the world to mint their NFTs with 0% gas fee.

Katana Inu is a one-of-a-kind project using DeFi protocols to provide its users with the best gaming experience in the blockchain space with its PC-Graphics game, which is an open-world battle royale with NFTs. All in-game items will be NFTs Play2earn with free2play for all in an open-world map team vs team, or 1 vs all to increase the awareness of the NFTs around the world.

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