Kodo Assets, a Brazilian-based real estate tokenisation driven company, is scheduled to oversee their token presale and token sale only two days apart. The token pre-sale is scheduled to take place on April 10th, whereas the token sale is set for April 12th

Following the announcement of the Whitelist program for KODO1 token sale earlier in the month, the program was set to run from February 27th to March 21st 2023. The Whitelist program promises exclusive benefits during the KODO1 token sale to its members. These benefits will include a customised Kodo participation NFT, have the right to pre-acquire KODO1 tokens during the token pre-sale period, as well as enable members who purchase KODO1 tokens through the program to acquire cashback rewards. 

In preparation for the token sale, Kodo Assets is launching a web series campaign that is featuring 4 videos on their landing page and will last till March 28th. Each of the videos will be released on a specific date to enable individuals to stay up-to-date with the last one of the videos being released on the token pre-sale launch date.  

The future of passive income is here, giving individuals the opportunity to make an extra income through real estate, and what better way to become a part of it than to partake in the Kodo token sale? With Kodo Assets offering a new approach to investing in real estate, individuals can now tokenise their assets. While encouraging individuals to diversify their investments through tokenisation, it is a plus to purchase their tokens as well. 

Digitalisation and tokenisation are both possible in the real estate investment market under one roof with Kodo Assets. Visit the official website and obtain all the relevant information so you stay up-to-date on both the pre-sale and token sale. The web series campaign is also designed to guide you on the current happenings as the launch token dates approach. 

Mr. Karnav Shah, the Editor-in-Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly said, “We are excited to announce the launch of Kodo Assets pre-sale on April, an innovative blockchain-based project that is set to revolutionize the crypto & real estate investment space. We look forward to covering more on the Kodo Assets project in our upcoming editions.”

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