The developmental team at Manilla Finance has been working around the clock to ensure the project launches per the roadmap. Necessary infrastructure, including a functional website and social media platforms, are available. It is verified that Manilla Finance is raising funds to prepare for the soon TBA launch. 

“We are raising funds at the moment. Owing to the fact that we have almost finished development, a soft cap of $1m is sufficient for us to scale the ecosystem. The hard cap is capped at $8.4m,” explained Rutherford Atayobo, Manilla Finance CEO. The firm comprises an already doxxed team of 12 Web 3 experts. It also has 25 developers spread across West Africa, South Asia and North America. Rutherford who leads the team has been an important part of two successful Web 3 projects called Vanilla Network and a popular metaverse gaming project, Siverse. The application once ready will be launched during the last quarter of 2022 in 44 countries including Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

The highly scalable project kicked off in April 2021, led by a desire to bridge conventional fintech services to the blockchain. The application will deliver a not-seen-before simplicity and ease of payment. 

Once launched, the platform will support pure crypto payment. In other words, crypto-fiat conversions will no longer be necessary. Instead, people will use the crypto in their Manilla wallet to settle bills. In order to make it happen, the platform comprises a special section the company calls Manilla Service Suite, which is where users can pay for a wide array of utility bills, including:

  • Electricity
  • Data
  • Flight
  • Water
  • Airtime
  • Hotel bills
  • Event tickets
  • Gift cards

The firm has forged partnerships with two prominent technology companies and is utilizing their resources to build a robust web 3 platform. They have plans to lock hands with more institutions soon. Like other blockchain ecosystems, the P2P portal is powered by its native token—the MNLA. 

About Manilla Finance 

Manilla Finance is a CeDeFi platform whose primary goal is to bridge traditional fintech approaches from Web 2 to Web 3. The project is not just an innovative idea but is highly scalable. The soon-to-be-launched platform supports trading in cryptocurrency as well as utility bills settlement in cryptocurrency.

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