The Mavin Token, responsible for funding and supporting specified projects in the crypto sphere, is focusing on artists from all walks of life while at the same time giving back to the community and, in turn, giving the crypto community reasons to work together. 

From new to upcoming artists, you have equal opportunity to create and sell NFT. The platform has created a simple gateway for artists to present their art pieces, with the added advantage of helping the artist to develop their NFT as well as build their knowledge on blockchain technology. Having access to the global market will allow artists to reach out to a new audience who relate to their creativity, thus achieving their goals. 

Other than calling out aspiring artists looking to venture into the NFT and crypto space with their art, Maven, through Maven X, is allowing artists to showcase custom-made NFTs as requested by community members. As a collaborative service, members can request an image of their choice on a 3D coin, accompanied with bump mapping and customised lighting, ideal for collaboration with other projects. Interested parties can look into our special features and packages to pick out what is suitable for their projects. 

In an effort to give back to the community, Maven launched the project, Community Hope, the first NFT in the Maven collection to support a charity. The charity organisation to benefit is 4MyCity in Baltimore, MD, USA, which will receive the first $10,000 raised from the NFT to address environmental sustainability. 

Aspiring artists are encouraged to participate through the official website and related social media accounts to expound on their creativity, not just in art but also to increase their knowledge on blockchain technology. Businesses and individuals can also reach out to obtain state-of-the-art NFTs with a possible collaboration with Maven. 

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