Maven is launching the pre-sale of their Maven Token, a token that seeks to bring crypto communities together in favour of specific company projects, is launching on the Ethereum blockchain. The pre-sale will pave way for the full launch which is also expected to occur soon with its date to be communicated.

Purchases are occurring on Pinksale, a trusted Launchpad protocol, thus making it simpler for individuals to make and track their purchases.  After the official launch of the presale (5/04/2023), the presale will run for about 23days to ensure sufficient time for purchases.  The Presale on Pinksale is holding a countdown to keep all interested parties in the know before it ends. 

Pre-sale Launch Details:

Token Name: Maven (MVN)

Date (Duration): 05/04/2023 – 28/04/2023

Presale Price: $0.002

Presale Distribution: 500,000,000 

Limit: 1% of total supply per wallet 

Launch price: $0.0025 

The pre-sale comes with the added advantage of purchasing the Maven Token from its discounted prices. In addition, individuals may partake in various competitions, which will be available only during the presale, for them to receive giveaways. For example, the platform offers competitions such as NFT giveaways to wallet holders who purchased the Maven tokens through Pinksale and other selected outlets as well as offers special limited edition NFT to wallets with the biggest purchase. 

With a total token supply of 1,000,000,000, the pre-sale is allocated half the number of tokens with a cap of 500,000,000 Maven tokens in the market. Of the hard cap, it is expected that 50% of the pre-sale liquidity will be locked for 90 days (about 3 months).

With the concept of sharing information and opportunities of investments that are trustworthy, Maven invites followers to actively participate in discussions with the aim of gaining knowledge in a given field before they can choose to invest.  

The launch of the pre-sale welcomes Maven token’s first NFT art project, the Maven Ripperdoc, which adds to the source of income for token holders. 

Crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the official website to purchase the tokens and enjoy discounted prices. 

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