MEDABOTS, the first AAA game on the blockchain, is not only allowing gamers to build their Medabots but it also allows them to participate in worldwide tournaments. Gamers have the opportunity to take on the best of the best across the globe for free while still earning rewards. 

MEDABOTS is giving gamers more on gaming and investing through the Medabots Universe.  Individuals have the option to participate for free or invest in the available NFTs. Since the Medabots inception, the roadmap has been clear with every launch released on time. In the year 2022, gamers have witnessed the “full adventure mode” launch earlier in the year. Later in the month of June, the Multi-player launch was a major success. More recently, the play-to-earn launch that occurred on 28th July focussed on the game’s ability to give monetary and non-monetary rewards. 

In an effort to increase compatibility of the game to different smart devices, Medabots launched its game in Google play and in the Appstore. Currently, gamers can buy crystals with MEDAMON (token used for Medabots game which is already available in Huobi ) in their marketplace which allows them to play against other gamers while at the same time earn. Keep in mind that MEDAMON on the platform is used for creating new NFTs in the market, purchasing NFTs from existing players, in-game purchases, as well as receiving rewards. 

As a multi-player card game, enjoy the thrill of participating in battles between robots. The Medabots Universe comes with the added advantage of an exquisite state-of-the-art design, it is free to play, fun gameplay and a stable economy of one tokens (Medamon). 

Growth and development are inevitable factors on Medabots. Gamers are encouraged to participate and get involved in the platform to reap better earn opportunities. Visit the Medabots website to remain up to date and grab earning opportunities. 

Download the Game today at Google Play Store & App Store

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