MetaFrames, a next gen web3 company that is taking Maradona into the Metaverse, announces an upcoming Maradona NFT collection minting. Maradona’s global fan base has the opportunity to reconnect and invest in honour of their favourite football star. 

The mint process will be complete in three stages between the 22nd September and the 30th October, 2022. The mint reveal is scheduled for the 22nd September, 2022. The three stages of the NFT drop will include: 

Stage 1- The Warm up: which will feature a rare tradeable collectible featuring artwork by legendary sports artist Paul Trevillion to introduce the Diego Maradona Access Pass. 

Stage 2- The Kickoff: This stage targets 10% of Access Pass owners to grant entry to a competition prize draw. This prize draw will reward one of two all trips to the Qatar World Cup Final with tickets, hotel and flights all paid. The draw takes place on 30th October, Maradona’s birthday. 

Stage 3- Extra Time will see the announcement of the winners from the prize draw. 

As the first NFT drop, individuals will see the introduction of the Diego Maradona Access Pass. This step comes with rewards for participants that include: 

  • Early airdrop access 
  • Early access to upcoming NFT living assets football management game Goal Rev + Founders pack
  • Outstanding discounts on Goal Rev in-game consumables and on Maradona content and merchandise 
  • Exclusive WL spots for future projects 

CEO of Maradona Global and trustee of the Maradona Foundation,  Sanjay Wadhwani said “Maradona is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers of all time, and it is a real honour to announce the details of the collaboration with MetaFrames and this special launch collection.” 

Metaframes, an NFT platform and digital art studio is focussed on preserving Maradona’s legacy. Visit the official Maradona minting and airdrops from MetaFrames. 

Commenting on the potential of the MetaFrames project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah said, “We are pleased to discuss this decentralised and democratised platform where everyone can create, collect, curate and connect around shared passions in the new creator economy. We hope to share more about MetaFrame’s journey in the coming weeks.”

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