Minutes Network, a pioneering blockchain-based wholesale voice termination provider, is poised to boost profitability for telecommunications operators. They are all set to revolutionize voice termination economics using their proprietary Mintech and blockchain technology.

Mintech, developed by Minutes Network, optimizes least-cost routing, improves supply chain coordination, and enables near real-time settlement between operators. Blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and efficiency of voice termination processes. Tier1 carriers can rely on Minute Network to fulfill their termination needs and re-invigorate their core voice call profitability.

While over-the-top messaging and voice-over-IP services gain popularity, the traditional paid voice calls industry remains significant, with a market valued at approximately $251 billion. Recognizing this opportunity, Minutes Network is strategically positioned to capture a substantial market share. Their forward-thinking approach and advanced technology position them as leaders in reshaping the telecom industry.

Josh Watkins, the CEO of Minutes Network, outlined the company’s strategic vision: “Our first foray is to attack the $13.25 billion international voice market, providing us with a point of entry into domestic calling. We will be competing aggressively across the total $251 billion market.”

The company has already commenced its expansion into the wholesale voice termination market. Over the past year, Minutes Network has established partnerships with industry giants such as Skype, IDT, Vodatel, Digitalk, and LEBARA. Plans are underway to onboard additional major companies this year, further expanding their global presence worldwide. The company is expanding the Tier 1 network operators list, enabling access to large-scale termination volumes.

Karnav Shah, Chief Editor of Cryptonaire Weekly, states the platform’s potential, “Minutes Network utilizes blockchain and Mintech to establish the lowest cost of global voice termination. The company’s strategic leverage of emerging technologies positions Minutes Network as a leader in transforming the voice termination market.”

About Minutes Network

Minutes Network Ltd, a company registered in the UK, operates within the telecommunications wholesale sector. They use advanced MinTech and blockchain technology to provide high-quality international wholesale voice termination services. Their focus on delivering value and quality sets them apart in an increasingly competitive market.

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