We are thrilled to unveil the Nova-Dox 5th NFT Collection, an exclusive opportunity for investors to participate in our innovative venture that combines advanced trading software with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). At Nova-Dox, we are revolutionizing the crypto trading landscape, and we invite you to join us in shaping the future of this exciting industry.

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Here’s what you need to know about Nova-Dox:

The Nova-Dox 5th Collection – The 10-33x Nova-Dox token development

We have initiated the “Nova-Dox Token Investor” collection to gather funds for our ambitious goals. By investing in the Nova-Dox token, you will gain access to 3333 exclusive NFTs at an incredible price of just 150 USDC, with the option to purchase them in bulk. These NFTs provide unique benefits and rewards, allowing you to maximize your investment and be part of our innovative blockchain venture.

Exciting NFT Holder Benefits

  • Early Access: NFT holders will receive a complimentary Nova-Dox token before any public sale, securing their early entry into the Nova-Dox ecosystem.
  • Commission-Free Presale Tokens: NFT holders can purchase presale tokens without any commission fees, maximizing their investment potential.
  • Profitable Airdrops: We are committed to NFT holder satisfaction, allocating 20% of our profits for regular airdrops of our token. These airdrops occur at every million-dollar milestone increase in market cap or on December 31st if the market cap has yet to reach a new milestone. This ongoing initiative continues until NFT holders achieve a remarkable 10x profit in USD on their NFT investment.
  • Remarkable Rewards: Note that wallets holding a minimum of 10 Nova-Dox token NFTs will receive rewards until they achieve a 20x return on their initial investment. The rewards for wallets with 100 or more Nova-Dox token NFTs continue until they achieve an impressive 33x return on their investment.

Note: Limited slots are available for the early investor NFT collection, so act swiftly to secure your place.

Nova-Dox Token

Introducing the Nova-Dox token, our groundbreaking creation that leverages advanced trading software. Developed over eight years by a team of experts, our token empowers traders in the crypto market like never before. Additionally, we want to emphasize that funds generated from token sales do not flow into our pockets, but rather into an ultra-secure trading pool at our esteemed partner, Deribit.

The performance of this pool is governed by a unique buy-sell mechanism directly linked to the value of the Nova-Dox token, resulting in an average annual increase of 50% based on our historical live performance. Notably, even in the challenging year of 2022, where the underlying asset Ethereum experienced a 65% decrease in value by the end of the year, we achieved over 30% profit in dollar.

Two key characteristics distinguish Nova-Dox from other tokens:

  • Our ability to perform exceptionally well, also in bear markets, setting us apart from the competition.
  • Due to the backing of our tokens by funds in the trading pool, any sudden dumping of tokens does not impact the token’s price. Instead, we strategically reduce the trading pool to repurchase any surplus supply. Therefore, it is important to highlight that the performance of the trading pool solely determines the value of the Nova-Dox token.

By leveraging our unique trading pool and proven track record, Nova-Dox offers a robust and secure investment opportunity, providing stability and growth potential even in challenging market conditions.

The other Nova-Dox Collections Path to Profitability

We are thrilled to announce the overwhelming success of our two sold-out collections: the first early investor round and a standard collection. Building upon this momentum, we are now offering a second and final early investor round, which presents a unique opportunity for investors to acquire NFTs with the highest potential for value appreciation. As history has shown, the initial collectibles in a project often become the most valuable, especially when we achieve breakthrough success.

What sets us apart is our commitment to rewarding early investors. We utilize 100% of the profits generated from the normal collections to pay back our early investors diligently. Additionally, the trading pool associated with this collection is activated, offering a remarkable 90% share in profits for a lifetime. This ensures that our early investors continue to benefit significantly from their support and trust in Nova-Dox.

Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our staking collection, which has just been launched. This collection offers a simplified version of our NFTs, providing a fixed profit of up to 55% in USDT, depending on the staking period. By staking your NFTs, you gain access to a stable and secure reward mechanism that shields your Play-to-Earn (P2E) rewards from the impacts of market volatility. Our innovative concept guarantees that NFT holders can fully unlock their investments’ potential value and utility, offering substantial returns on the native Nova-Dox Token.

Proven Success

Building upon our existing business, where we achieved remarkable success by selling our previous software model, Nova-Dox has now developed an even more powerful software model that integrates crypto options into our futures trading bot/software.

Our track record speaks for itself, with our previous software generating an impressive $6 million in client funds within just 1.5 years, all achieved without any marketing efforts.

Strategic Partnerships

Nova-Dox has established a strong partnership with Deribit, the largest crypto options exchange with a daily trading volume exceeding $1 billion. This partnership enables us to actively trade funds generated from NFT sales, creating a robust and profitable trading pool.

Enhanced Security

We prioritize the security and protection of client funds. We secured an official partnership with Deribit, maintaining an admin-controlled account with a single withdrawal address. Our smart contract, managed by two key holders, ensures the integrity and safety of funds. Bitcounts, a trusted third-party auditor from the United States, verify fund distribution.

Join the Nova-Dox Revolution

The Nova-Dox project represents a significant milestone in crypto trading, combining NFTs, advanced trading software, and strategic partnerships to offer a secure and profitable investment opportunity. Be a part of this exciting journey and shape the future of crypto trading.

However, Nova-Dox is not just a token backed by trading software and a dog symbol. Our mission is to improve the lives of animals, particularly dogs. We will allocate 10% of our profits to support dog charities. In addition to the token’s strong features, we believe this approach will attract more interest in our tokens. By purchasing our tokens, you make a secure investment with a proven track record and contribute to animal welfare.


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