Nova Dox, a next-gen NFT portfolio that aims to reduce the downward risk while at the same time maximising the upside potential of ETH-Dollar trading, is offering up to 50% guaranteed USDT reward through its NFT reward plan. 

Through the official website, Nova Dox is using its NFT collection to bring huge returns to its investors. Depending on the staking period, NFT holders are rewarded with up to 50% on the initial investment of rewards that are paid out in USDT. The return on investment may vary but all investments are guaranteed profits. 

Even after recouping your initial investment, including the staking and gas fees incurred during the purchase, up to $20, you retain ownership of the collectible NFT. The potential price you can obtain on the secondary market serves as an additional bonus, in addition to the staking rewards. Therefore, if you opt for a 12-month staking NFT with 22% staking rewards and manage to sell your collectible NFT for 10% of its original price, you have already achieved a profit of 32%.

Available on OpenSea, individuals can obtain their Nova-Dox NFTs, which represent an individual’s investment as well as the time lock for staking. Depending on these two factors (amount of investment and staking time), Nova Dox calculates the returns/profits payable at the end of the term. As an added advantage, Nova Dox allows NFT backers to calculate their profits in advance through the Nova Dox website calculator

This recent update has been developed as a creative approach to traditional crypto-fiat trading. Many individuals have the worry of losing their investment when trading, especially in the crypto sphere. It is therefore crucial for many traders to grab an opportunity that allows them guaranteed profits. Gone are the days when individuals had to seek rare NFTs or trade them to make higher returns. 

Take advantage of the high rates of return by investing in Nova Dox NFTs. These NFTs offer returns as high as 50% of the initial investment. Visit the official website and take advantage of the high rate of return. Nova Dox is not only a high yielding platform but it also puts emphasis on security to ensure that all investments are secure and safe. 

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