Summary: Obligate is the latest website to join the list of companies offering on chain bonds for regulated DeFi. They believe they are offering the best decentralized future way of offering debt. The company therefore announced that the first 100 users to be onboard and invest $25k+ will be entitled to 250 MATIC. 

[California] dated July 4th, 2023 – Obligate is the latest website to make its mark in the field of DeFi. They deal in on chain bonds and commercial papers and are well regulated and have global enforcement as well. This gives the users much more credibility to use these papers and it involves a fraction of the cost and time. 

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are really happy at how far we have come. We truly believe that we are the future of debt as we offer the trust of traditional finance and the ease of on chain bonds. Based on the type of model we are offering, we are very hopeful that in the times to come, we will be able to gain massive popularity and have several users relying, using, and trusting our services.”

Obligate issues eNotes and commercial paper and bonds to those who wish to invest in digital assets. The company has been doing a splendid work and they have a schematic well defined model that is replete with the right security elements as well. It is important to integrate the best of security standards lest the data breach can lead to leaks. Top industry innovators and VCs have backed the site and this has given them the impetus to continue their work. 

This is why the company has announced a lucrative offer. The first 100 uses to be onboard who invest $25k+ will be entitled to receive 250 MATIC. No doubt, it seems to be really interesting. Those who are on the lookout to know more about the site and even those who would like to make sound investment should make it a point to visit

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Obligate is the latest company to be on board with regards to redefining the decentralised way of debt handling. They offer in chain bonds and commercial paper by cutting down both the cost and time and have thereby redefined DeFi. 

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