Built on Polygon, the Obligate platform enables the management of corporate debt financing in both a decentralised and fully regulated environment in addition to granting access to the bond market for digital asset investors. Participating as a major player in the digital ecosystem, Obligate is not only sponsoring renowned innovative platforms but it is also attending and participating in some of the largest Tech events globally.

In an effort to transform how businesses raise capital and forge powerful investor relationships, Obligate will be attending Viva Technology, which is the largest startup and Tech event in Europe. Many individuals are looking reluctant on transforming traditional finance but with the efficiencies of DeFi, you can now incorporate innovative Tech in traditional finance to make better traditional finance, giving the way forward of how to raise debt through on-chain bonds for regulated DeFi.

Set to take place in Paris, the event will run through from the 14th to the 18th of June, 2023. Investors are encouraged to take part in the conference as all the important players of the global economy come under one roof.

This comes after an initial conference in May 24th, Digi Assets 2023, which focussed on accelerating adoption of Digital Assets by Traditional Financial Institutions. Obligate, played a major role by sponsoring and participating in the event. Fully dedicated to institutional market participants in digital assets, this ground-breaking conference marked a milestone in showing its dedication to innovative ideas in the digital ecosystem.

Obligate is keen to ease the operations of the finance market and partaking in the world’s renowned tech and finance events will place its activities on the finance global map. To follow on Obligate activities, visit the official website and twitter handle and better understand what the platform has in store for investors.  

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