ONINO – The multi-purpose cross-chain metadata registry Pre Sale filled in 3 min

The blockchain world can be confusing sometimes. There is no arguing that blockchain – technologically speaking – is the future in many domains.

But how do we get there, and how does one overcome the hurdles of anonymity, identification, different wallets, and assets scattered across different networks??

This is where ONINO enters the room. The team around ONINO, a german company with three renowned founders and a team of advisors with impressive track records, aims to deliver the solution for this and many other aspects.

ONINO will be a layer-1 information storage solution that connects to any wallet. It aims to be the simplest solution for web 3.0 identities, asset management, and much more.

Read the ONINO Litepaper here!

The future layer-1 chain will build a platform that will enable a vibrant ecosystem of layer-2 apps for virtually infinite use cases, built by both the ONINO team as well as dApp developers across all networks.

Alex, ONINO CEO: “We love to see solutions & opportunities where others see problems. This is how we approached ONINO. We had a look at blockchain technology, at the problems and opportunities that exist, and derived our vision from it. There are endless possibilities with ONINO, once you get behind the idea of what we want to build!”

ONINO will not only build the base technology, it will also build many use cases. But the platform will also be open for others to build their use cases on.

Kai, ONINO CTO: “Before our Pre Sale, we conducted a challenge, in which our community could hand in use cases they envision for ONINO. What’s amazing is that we even found new ones we didn’t think of yet! It shows that a strong community is key and the possibilities of ONINO’s use cases are countless.”

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the Onino project, he explained “Project’s like Onino are exciting. Their recent official Presale has taken the Crypto Community by storm as it was one of the quickest one yet. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

ONINO already conducted 3 sales very successfully: The Pre Seed Sale, the Seed Sale, and the Pre Sale. The sale rounds will be used to kick off the development of the layer-1 platform and build a strong and diverse community.

The Pre Sale (1400BNB) was filled in 3 minutes, which is the fastest Pre Sale there has ever been. This shows the extreme demand after this project.

The next step will be the Launch on a DEX on the 22nd of January 2022, where the broad public will be able to be amongst the first to participate in this extremely interesting and so far successful project. At the same time, the ONINO Farm will go online to incentivize community members for holding ONI tokens.

We expect to hear much more about ONINO in the future, as it may become one of the base technologies of web 3.0.

Find out more about ONINO on their website, onino.io and join their Telegram group to stay up to date: t.me/oninoofficial.

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