PLÅNTZ AG, headquartered in Zürich, is a Swiss company that allows crypto enthusiasts to purchase digital certificates (NFTs) for cannabis plants while offering great returns on investment. They act as a bridge between NFT and cannabis, which allows you to earn a passive income of 35 per cent per year. They have developed a transparent and resilient system by utilising the NFT as the basis for their plant sales. This project offers several promising benefits, including:

Transparent Platform. Plåntz understands the importance of trust when it comes to crowd-growing. They strive to maintain honest relationships with all their customers and partners to ensure transparency in business. They do all this at Plåntz with NFTs to maintain transparency, security, and forward-looking planning.

Easy & Secure Investment. The privacy and security of traditional currencies have always been major concerns. However, Plåntz uses a blockchain ledger that is hard to decode since it relies on different mathematical puzzles. This makes a Plåntz investment more secure across a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

Good Returns. Your PLÅNTZ returns 35 percent annually with every harvest for the lifetime of your ownership. At the moment, they plan to harvest every three months, four times a year. In the future, they can implement 5 runs a year, which will positively impact your profits. They are currently working on further optimisation and possibly further genetics.

Control over your investment. With Plåntz, you can continue to benefit from the harvests or take advantage of their online marketplace to sell your NFT. Furthermore, with Plåntz you will always be able to make quick transactions that will be processed instantly.

Experienced Team. Nico and Lucas founded Plåntz, a project that seeks to revolutionize the cannabis industry with cryptocurrency benefits. Lucas brings extensive cannabis experience and a network in the hemp sector from his many established brands and projects. Nico manages the project’s crypto space well with his expertise in trading, coin development, exchange, and consulting. The development and marketing part of the company is led by Nikolaus (Blu) and Carlos, who are dedicated to making promising developments accessible. They handle all technical issues, support, marketing, and communication. The backend team includes various other professionals, such as social media experts, developers, graphic designers, accountants, editors, etc.

Plåntz’ mission is to operate a long-term business model built on the spirit of hemp and ethical principles. They offer full transparency regarding every process and several other benefits as a Plåntz NFT holder. At Plåntz, everyone can decide for themselves, benefit twice from synergies, and rely on a future market. If you are a crypto enthusiast looking for investment opportunities, you should check out Plåntz.  Plåntz will help you make the most of your investments! Click here to purchase Plåntz! You can buy PLÅNTZ with BTC, TRX, BNB, USDT, TUSD, USDC, and BUSD. Alternatively, if you do not have cryptocurrency, you can pay by bank transfer through SEPA.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr Karnav Shah, says about Plåntz: “Plåntz brings crowd-growing to a new level, allowing you to participate in cannabis cultivation in an easy way. They allow you to purchase NFTs for your plant and handle their growth and harvesting. This project is backed by a team of specialists from the cannabis industry, the crypto scene, and other talented individuals who ensure the solid growth of the project. Plåntz might be the next big thing in the cannabis industry, and I am closely monitoring its progress to keep my readers updated!”

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