Chainvision Games announces closed beta for P2E game Katana Inu and the upcoming NFT mint. The German blockchain firm, set to release the DeFi and NFT ecosystem for gamers and traders, also shared news of the highly anticipated Forging NFT collection.

Katana Inu, first created a storm in 2022 when the project first announced the ambitious road map and revolutionary utility, this battle royale free PC-game has since continued to deliver and finally the wait is now over. On the Ethereum network, under the leadership of a team of blockchain technology experts, it has quickly been adopted by some of the largest and most influential partners, investors, influencers, sports stars and high-profile celebrities, including AMA and Grammy Award winning artists, which can be found visiting the official site.

Many are backing the project to be the tipping point for mass blockchain adoption. Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), and several other blockchain games have already set the foundation in recent times. However, gameplay improvements are key to driving mainstream adoption in 2023, according to a report by the Blockchain Game Alliance, and a separate report from DappRadar found that companies in the sector raised $7.6 billion in 2022.

According to The NFT Markets, the significance of mainstream brands and celebrities adopting NFTs is key, that gameplay improvements will be the single most important factor driving adoption in 2023, with web3 developers working to make blockchain games more fun and immersive with NFTs. Announcing the closed beta of the game arriving 31st March 2023, could be the catalyst and reason why the hype maybe genuine, visiting the official website is not only impressive but stunning to view all those in association with this project pre-launch, the utility on offer is unprecedented.

That’s not all, it also boasts a native cross-chain NFT marketplace, which is open to the Katana Inu players, traders, collectors and gamers. The native NFT marketplace is a key feature of the project, which acts as a hub for trading NFTs. Katana allows other gamers and digital artists to use its NFT marketplace for selling their own artworks for ETH, KATA, stable coins or their native token. Similarly, gamers and holders of KATA can also stake, purchase or trade in-game items like skins, weapons, and more which can be used while playing the game.

The NFT Markets, also supporting the project, has publicly announced, that early adopters and beginners could earn the equivalent of a full-time salary, such is the impressive utility and ecosystem which is being delivered.

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