PvP, the trailblazing gaming ecosystem set to revolutionise the gaming industry, is thrilled to provide an exciting update on its upcoming investment round. With the highly anticipated launch of the PvP token on the horizon, PvP is making waves by offering an exclusive opportunity for the investors to join its private presale token round.

Presale Details: Act Fast to Secure Your Spot!

Only 33% of the presale allocation remains, and investors can take advantage of a remarkable 76% discount on the listing price. However, this offer is time sensitive, as all remaining allocations will move to a 60% discount following the closure of the seed round.

Investors Perks That Can’t Be Ignored

  1. 60-76% discount off the listing price.
  2. The ability to stake invested tokens for up to an impressive 35% APY during the 3-year release.
  3. Earn back 105% of your purchased tokens through enticing rewards.
  4. Flaunt your commitment with an exclusive investor badge on your PvP profile.

Lead Investor and Investment Instrument: PvP is proud to have Kava Labs as its lead investor, seamlessly bridging the world of DeFi and GameFi. The investment instrument of this groundbreaking venture is a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), and investors can contribute using either USDS or USDT.

Investment Process Made Simple:

  1. Fill out the form to secure your allocation and receive SAFT & transfer instructions.
  2. Sign the SAFT and complete ID verification through Docusign.
  3. Transfer funds and receive a fully executed SAFT.

One of the key spokes-person of the company was quoted saying: “PvP is not just releasing a token, it is shaping history and inviting you to be the part of the gaming revolution. Act fast, secure your allocation and become the key player in the future of gaming with PvP.”

Exciting Tokenomics Set to Drive Long-Term Value: PvP tokens are designed with a robust tokenomic structure, ensuring long-term value for investors. The company commits to holding any revenue earned and refraining for liquidating it for at least three years. Additionally, a carefully curated staking program incentivized investors to stake their tokens during the lock-up period, earning rewards on invested token for an extended period. The token release schedule dictates a limited supply release capped at < 2% average monthly in year 1 and < 3.2% average monthly in Years 2 and 3.

Join PvP on the Cutting Edge of Web 3.0 Gaming: With a pre-token community of 150,000 users and partnerships with industry leaders like Platinum Crypto Agency and Kava Labs, PvP is at the forefront of the Web 3.0 gaming revolution. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this cultural phenomenon that is set to redefine the NFT landscape and establish a new standard for innovation in gaming.

Successful Completion of PVP Genesis Pass Mint

Following an overwhelming response and successful completion of our exclusive mint, we are thrilled to announce that all 444 minted tokens have been fully sold out and in record time of 20 seconds during the FCCS phase! The mint which kicked off on January 12, 9AM EST, featured a unique three-phase approach, including a guaranteed WL, FCFS and Public mints. We are delighted to have distributed this limited supply of minted tokens at no cost to the community and the platform now sits at 200k users.

The success of this mint underscores the enthusiasm and engagement of our community, and we extend our gratitude to everyone who participated. As a team we remain dedicated to fostering innovation and inclusivity with in the blockchain space.

For future updates and announcements, please stay tuned to our official channels.

About PvP: PvP is a non-toxic universal gaming community built for the future of gaming, Web 3.0, creator economy, and authentic social interactions. The platform features a range of tools, including newsfeed, clips, squad finder, community pages, customised profiles, direct messages, voice chat, and more, fostering a unified, community gaming experience.

Stay in Touch with PvP: For investment inquiries and more information, click HERE or email PvP at invest@pvp.com 

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