Quizarena Ecosystem Explained

Since the advent of the internet, business models have been transformed, changing work dynamics. Play-to-earn is one such model using blockchain and NFT to shift the gaming paradigm. Even though DeFi has become a popular buzzword among crypto hipsters, GameFi increasingly seems to be the place to be nowadays.

The popularity of P2E games is on the rise, especially since they are more profitable. It has become clear to top players that the NFT game world is more valuable when entered earlier rather than later. The reason NFT games are so popular is that they are low or free to enter and provide a lot of benefits later on. The same can be said about the Learn to Earn program at Quizarena.

With Quizarena, people can start playing the quiz and puzzle blockchain game for free. The Quizarena blockchain quiz contest gives players the chance to earn tokens while learning about blockchain technology at the same time. To reward players, the platform uses a Compete-to-Earn (C2E) model.

An explanation of the Quizarena Ecosystem

Learn to earn with QuizFi

With Quizarena, you can learn and earn while playing games integrated with a blockchain. The learning process can be kicked off by creating an account for new players.

PvP – Battle Quiz

PvP allows players to fight against other players to earn tokens. Players can compete to win tokens and learn more. Each player must wager the same amount to participate in the prize pool. Once the answers are in, the winner gets to take home a portion of the prize pool.

Quizarena Tournament

At Quizarena, several tournaments will provide fantastic rewards. Prize pools will grow continuously, and NFT heroes will be included as rewards. The leading players on the leader board will earn tokens and collectables in NFT heroes.

What makes Quizarena so special?

Free-to-play model for gaming

Players unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT) can benefit from the F2P model. The F2P model enables players to become part of a community immediately. Furthermore, F2P players will receive education on various topics, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT. 

Quizarena Token

The QZA token is a decentralized utility token that serves as a medium of exchange between Quizarena participants. QZA gives players the option to settle their accounts quickly and securely. You can use the QZA token for various purposes, such as purchasing in-game currency, minting NFTs, and loot box keys.

Utilising Binance Smart Chain

QZA tokens are deployed via Binance Smart Chain (BSC) infrastructure. The BSC allows users to have low transaction fees and process 55 transactions per second.

Quizarena’s goal is to bring people closer through the medium of games and education. Quizarena also uses a blockchain-based random mechanism to ensure absolute fairness in the first match-up pairing. This makes it a trusted platform. Users can earn passively while learning something new every day. Quizarena will release the BETA version of its game on December 31. Participating in the game allows you to learn about the game and earn money simultaneously. 

The Editor in Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Karnav Shah, described “Quizarena as a revolutionary approach built on a free-to-play & free-to-earn model, with which players can earn NFTs by playing games. The project’s goal is to provide gamers with a thorough understanding of various concepts. BETA version is due out on December 31. I will be keeping a close eye on this gaming project and will keep viewers updated.”

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