ReduX Technologies AG, a Swiss company with breakthrough technologies for sustainable energy and better air, strikes a €540 million deal, exclusively for the period 2023-2026, to produce decentralized bio/synthetic energy sources and reduce exhaust emissions and CO2 emissions. A deal so impactful that it alone will save over 1 million tons of CO2 annually.

The MORF (Molecular Refraction) process developed by ReduX Technologies AG enables the conversion of residual materials such as biomass, organic materials, waste oil/fats, sludge, and plastic waste into high-quality fuels, heating oil/diesel, gas, gasoline, and kerosene, and thus also CO₂-negative into electricity and heat. This technology can make existing fossil fuel systems more efficient and climate-friendly and substitute existing energy sources with synthetically generated ones.

The ReduX-Converter, another technology developed by the company, is a device that can be used in road transport, aviation, and shipping to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. It has already been recognized and tested by several institutes and has received a “Green Award”. In marine engines, the ReduX converter achieves fuel savings of up to 22% and emission reductions of up to 70%.

The rollout of the entire project will take place in three phases, with Phase 1 already started and to be rolled out by 2023/2024 in the DACH region (Germany / Austria / Switzerland), with a potential sales volume of EUR 97.2 million by 2024. Phase 2 is concurrent with Phase 1 and includes the participation of the first technology companies from Japan and China, possibly also South Korea, with a potential sales volume of around EUR 2 billion. Phase 3 will see the expansion take place worldwide with a focus on the EU, China, and the USA, with potential sales of EUR 20.6 billion.

ReduX Technologies offers a new type of blockchain investment focusing on environmental sustainability. The company has advanced revolutionary technologies that provide breakthrough solutions to two of the most pressing issues facing the world today — energy and global emissions. The $REDUX token offers an easy way to move from crypto markets to shares in mainstream capital markets, and future tokens offer additional benefits, such as the participation in CO2 compensation that ReduX Technologies AG acquires with its technologies.

The contribution to reducing energy consumption or emissions through ReduX technology is enormous and of global significance. It is undeniable that solutions and adaptations are needed for climate impacts to protect people, homes, businesses, livelihoods, infrastructure, and natural ecosystems. Climate action requires significant financial investment, but inaction is far more expensive in the medium to long term.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, says about the project: “ReduX Technologies is a game changer in the field of sustainable energy production. The company’s advanced technologies and innovative approach to reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency make this a must-consider investment opportunity. Their commitment to creating a greener future is evident in every aspect of ReduX’s work. The $REDUX token not only offers a unique opportunity for investors, but it also provides a way to positively impact the environment.”

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