Although blockchain originated in the cryptocurrency sector, the concept has spread to the business world. Blockchain technology is gaining a lot of attention and has many potential applications, including the sports industry. Recently, the technology has been used to develop several sports-related blockchain projects. TalentIDO is also a project that aims to make sports recruiting effective.

TalentIDO, a Swiss-based talent acquisition platform, is driving the Web3 conversation around the sports industry. Currently, there is a lack of transparency in the recruitment process in sports, so finding new talent is very time-consuming and expensive. TalentIDO is an ecosystem that combines advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain to improve talent discovery.

TalentIDO platform is the first multichain, multiverse platform to identify, validate, and support young prospects in the sports industry. The platform offers investors, clubs, scouts, and players a way to advertise new amateur positions, advertise new training opportunities, and find new talent. TAL is a social token of the ecosystem that rewards players for their achievements and promotes the fair development of the game. The TAL token fuels the TalentIDO network, providing functionality ranging from a simple verification and profile upgrade process to paying for products and services.

Powered by blockchain technology, TalentIDO provides attestations and records using distributed ledgers. TalentIDO offers athletes the ability to build their profiles as a sports passport through the TalentIDO marketplace – an online marketplace that connects athletes. These passports will be accessible to all network participants, including sports recruitment firms, clubs, associations, and players. TalentIDO will generate the Sportspass itself with new technology called SSI. Thus, scouts can track players’ progress directly, making them more likely to be selected. 

TalentIDO enables the tokenisation of players and abilities to facilitate trade, transfer, and growth. The platform aims to improve the quality of professional sports events worldwide through decentralised technologies. One benefit of TalentIDO is also that blockchain allows everybody to become a players agent, patron of an athlete with low amounts via Crowdinvesting into players tokens. Hence, TalentIDO offers a good platform to invest in the sports industry while leveraging the benefits of TAL tokens. 

The Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly, Mr. Karnav Shah, says about TalentIDO: “The TalentIDO platform aids existing sports professionals in growing and reaching their full potential. With TalentIDO, scouting will be easier, more transparent, and talent careers will be promoted through blockchain technology. TAL is the social token of the platform, which contributes value to the network and facilitates exchange within TalentIDO network. The sportsman, fan, and scout can invest in TAL to obtain marketplace benefit and earn from token growth.”

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