TalentIDO allows you to jump on the NFT bandwagon by allowing you to create your unique NFT and earn from it. The best part is that you are betting on young football players. 

TalentIDO is a talent development platform where you can showcase your talent and get shares in the future. It allows you to be in charge of your talent. TalentIDO supports digital talent recruitment as you can buy, collect, and trade officially licensed, signed cards for future players. Athletes can find a club, camp, or trial and prove their potential. Players have complete control of their data as they decide who can access it. 

Through the TalentIDO ecosystem, you can easily participate in the projects. All you have to do is sign up, create an NFT, set conditions, get valued in the market, connect with people in the industry, and get your funds. 

Talent discovery on the platform will be through tests using Augmented Reality, AI, and blockchain. Blockchain technology ensures scouting on the platform is straightforward and transparent. This will make careers of talent enhanced and give others a chance to participate in it. 

The NFTs are in the form of signature trading cards for young football players. You can now check it out and test it from its mobile app in the Google Play Store. To mint NFTs, you need a minimum of $0.5 in BNB in your wallet to get started. 

The native token that runs the platform is TALENT(TAL). With it, you can access decentralised exchanges and earn money in different ways, such as staking. 

TalentIDO is leading sports conversations in the metaverse. Apart from soccer, it also supports cricket, rugby, and basketball. It supports the whole industry and is not limited to players. Investors, clubs, and scouts can access a marketplace to share new training opportunities, advertise positions, attract the right players, and promote sports across the industry. 

The platform has a positive reception being the first one in its class. So far, it has up to 400,000 registered players, 170 sports passports, and 150 soccer clubs. 

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