What is the project, and what problem does it solve?

TalentIDO is a digital talent recruitment and development platform. Get your own share of the future and dare to reveal your talent. TalentIDO imbues talents with value through their influence and reaches while giving fans a new way to form relationships. 

The vision is to revolutionize talent recruitment and bring talent transfers online with the help of blockchain technology. By providing an automated solution in all phases of the transfer and recruitment process and by delivering credible information to all parties involved in the talent chain, the project will completely eradicate inappropriate practices and make the sports and music industry transparent and fair. 

Talent Tokens Overview

Coins Name: TAL

Total Supply: 8,000,000,000

Total Circulation: 8,000,000,000

April 6st | Seed – $0.01 USDT

May 1st | Private sale 1- $0.02 USDT

May 8th | Private sale 2- $0.03 USDT

May 15th | Public presale – $0.05 USDT

1st June | Launch- $0.06 USDT (Coinstore Listing)

Coinstore.com Listing

Trading Pair: TAL/USDT

Trade Time: TBA

Withdrawal Time: TBA

What are the utilities of TAL?

  • Talent token (TAL) will primarily be used on TalentIDO platforms as an official currency for online transfers, as a sports identify verification, for buying services and products or for sharing benefits.
  • Marketplaces will enable a complete cycle of a sport transfer is paid in TAL tokens.  Also all transfer fees, commissions and other potential financial outputs from an individual sport transfer will be paid in TAL tokens. 
  • All members holding TAL tokens will be able to identify themselves within the community and participate in benefits of being a member of TalentIDO with a SSI module. 
  • All services, starting from subscriptions, service upgrades, to trials, camps or any other events, will be paid in TAL tokens. Owning TAL, even though not an athlete or a club, will open a set of benefits on all verticals. The project are going to implement into the TalentIDO ecosystem.
  • Talentido.io plan to go beyond the TalentIDO platforms with a plan to provide a white label token solution for big sports clubs and verification standard for sport service providers.

What parts does the project ecosystem include?

You can collect different digital cards signed by future stars, View player’s information about career history, all sports achievements and other information. You can create your own digital card and trade with other fans and become a part of the talent revolution.

The TALs Economics 

The issuing of TAL tokens will be controlled by a smart contract deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The token will be based on the ERC20 standard with a BEP-20 smart contract. A total of up to 8 billion non-mineable TAL tokens will be issued during the public sale because there are approximately 8 billion human beings (potential talents) on this planet. Contributions will be made available in ETH (Ethereum), BTC (bitcoin), other cryptocurrencies and Fiat.

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