TalentIDO, a digital talent development platform, has launched its television channel TalentIDO.TV via Solidsport. Individuals are welcome to TalentIDO’s streaming channel, which will showcase all upcoming games of all the involved talented players. With a keen focus on the youth and talented players, TalentIDO.TV is bound to deliver the best of sporting entertainment, as well as create an opportunity for the youth to stand tall in their respective sports. 

This newly announced service not only serves as a creative approach to promoting sports talent but also seeks to improve online visibility, not just for the already famous players but also for the up-coming players. 

All streams will also be available later as “on-demand content” so that fans can enjoy watching their TalentIDO team. Stay up-to-date with the latest games so you never miss a game online. TalentIDO, where rare talents are given a chance, focusses on giving power to its players and their specific talent by providing a sports talent management system. 

Billions of youth and teens globally participate in various sports on a daily basis, with many being identified as young and talented. However, very few of the identified talent goes to heights of becoming top performers or renowned athletes. 

TalentIDO seeks to revolutionise talent identification and nurturing without the need for intermediaries. As such, the TalentIDO platform, and more so the television channel, gives more opportunity and exposure to talented youth globally. 

Benefits of the streaming channel: 

  • No need for intermediaries to showcase talent as it eases talent identification 
  • It has a global reach, with billions opting for online streaming 
  • Everyone has an open opportunity 
  • Ensures people are always updated on TalentIDO opportunities  

Stay tuned and remain up-to-date with the latest games on the streaming channel of TalentIDO

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