The Junkiverse aims to be the first ‘game-first’ NFT project, in which it aims to provide a truly enjoyable experience to its users. Since most Web 3.0 games focus on the Play-to-Earn aspect of the game, The Junkiverse plans to bring about a paradigm shift in that trend.

It is also designing the Junkiverse with the player in mind. The Juniverse is a unique gaming experience that blends classic hardcore gameplay with social interaction and blockchain technology. The Junkiverse will be a free-to-play experience. The reason for the latter is because the team believes in the power of community and eliminating the barriers of exclusive access, thereby allowing the ecosystem to thrive. Although the Junkiverse will be open to all, the core play-to-earn mechanics will be limited to the holders of the Junkie NFT. 

Owning a Junkie will allow you to convert traditional Web 2.0 games into NFT that can be bought, sold and transferred without any limitations. Those who do not own a Junkie can still purchase and use NFT items. 

The Junkies got their name from living under the Junkyard, scavenging old technology to survive and rebuilding a society from the depths of the Undercity. The Undercity, incidentally, was built inside a transcontinental railway station left unfinished by humanity and located under modern day San Francisco. Every wall, road and house were originally scraps taken from the surface and repurposed to build the Undercity. 

The team behind the Junkiverse project has more than 15 years of development expertise and are ready to pioneer the new space of Web 3.0 gaming. Each NFT will be a 1:1 model of what your Junkie will look like in the game. 

Junkies act as unique skinned avatars with different skills and personalities. Users can swap between them in real-time to complete the objectives at hand. The Junkie NFT will act as an access token to fully experience the play-to-earn mechanics of the game.

Besides, owning a Junkie will provide additional utility outside of the ecosystem. Holders of Junkie NFT will have access to real-life events, partnered collaborations, future collections, multi-chain Alpha groups, discounts with partnered projects and much more. Owning a Junkie NFT will grant an exclusive privilege to receive special airdrops and NFT claims. 

As for the different traits of Junkie NFT, the Genesis collection has more than 300 unique traits. This creates a one-of-a-kind identity for the user. Each Junkie will have various unique attributes, mutations, personalities and DNA that will establish the first generation.

Although each Junkie is born the same but still, they have some genetic anomalies among them. Mutations are another layer that makes them unique. Mutations do not limit the Junkies, they just offer a minor edge in certain scenarios. However, Mutations can affect the lineage. Every Junkie NFT will be injected with a selection of randomized base stat points and personalities.

One interesting feature about the Junkiverse project is its portable metaverse avatars. The character model of each Junkies can be claimed as an FBX File that can be used in compatible plug-and-play metaverse environments.

This essentially means that users can bridge their identity across the Metaverse. The character models will be fully optimized with all basic Humanoid Rig preferences used within most metaverse environments. 

The Junkies Social Club project has already formed a formidable community of its fans and users. It has already garnered more than 10,500 Discord members since the inception of the project and its $JUNK tokens has surpassed 2,400 unique holders and more than 6,700 unique ‘Trustlines’. On Twitter, the Junkies’ official page has more than 16,500 followers. This follower base allows the team to constantly reach out to new users, projects and people. 

This day will forever be remembered as the day the community banded together to achieve a common goal.

Congratulations to the XRPL community, all projects that have been building the past year, the XRPL, and the Junkies.

Discussing the XRP Junkies NFT Project, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah noted: “ It’s rare you come across a ‘game-first’ NFT project like XRP Junkies that explores the wider utilities of the blockchain technology and expands the horizons for our users. We are truly excited to share the XRP Junkies NFT project and explain its fundamentals to our readers. We are certain that we will have more about this promising venture in our subsequent publications.”

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