The Revolution Token

The Revolution Token (TRT) plans to usher in a paradigm shift in hiring of talent and career management by using its own crypto tokens for payments. It plans to provide a platform that will help society begin to control their careers, whether they are in technology, engineering, farming, hospitality etc.

For this purpose, the TRT Workspace, fully developed by Cedar Technologies, will be at the centre of its ecosystem. The TRT Workspace is a platform where entrepreneurs can advertise their skills for hire and be compensated in crypto. It is a resource for skilled individuals within the crypto space to list their skills for hire, so that they are able to be used by holders to find freelance work and more.

Besides, businesses can now have a catalogue of skilled individuals looking to be hired and the ability to pay them in crypto. This is expected to act as a bridge to the working world by allowing careers to be strengthened and investors created.

The main goal of TRT is to increase the percentage of individuals who are educated in crypto and, to that extent, it wants to connect people of different skills and backgrounds and help them collaborate with each other inside the crypto space.

Apart from the TRT Workspace, the TRT ecosystem will also have TRT Swap and Staking, a Launchpad and the RevolVerse. The TRT Swap and Staking is a location where the community can swap and stake their tokens in order to receive rewards.

Incidentally, The Revolution Token is available through UniSwap and has a buy/sell tax of 4 per cent. There will be a total token supply of 100 billion and the maximum transaction will be 0.33 per cent while the maximum wallet will be 1 per cent.

In terms of the initial token distribution, half of it will be earmarked for UniSwap while another 30 per cent will be set aside for reserve. The balance 20 per cent will be available for staking. The staking of The Revolution Token is offered through Team BrewLabs. This is expected to incentivize the investors who wish to hold it for the long-term.

The TRT Launchpad, meanwhile, is a platform where future tokens will have the chance to launch their projects directly on the Revolution Launchpad. It will, however, boast a number of strict requirements for projects who intend on launching from it. TRT wants to ensure that more and more projects meet the same standard that TRT holds for itself – transparency, honesty, dedication and determination.

The fourth part of the TRT ecosystem will be the RevolVerse, through which TRT will have its own space in the metaverse. This will allow people to meet and work together and the TRT Workspace will be deployed into the metaverse. 

As TRT’s main goal is to increase the percentage of individuals educated in crypto, it plans to launch a Learn to Earn (L2E) initiative, wherein it will develop a platform that will teach and quiz people on general crypto knowledge. This can help keep investors safe through shared knowledge and they don’t even have to pay for it. Rather, TRT will pay them to know it, as they earn as they pass. 

The entire roadmap of The Revolution Token project has been divided into four phases, with the listing and staking available in the second phase while the development of the TRT Workspace and RevolVerse taking place in the fourth and final phases.

Mr. Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of The Revolution Token project, he explained: “Project’s like The Revolution Token are exciting because of their platform that will help society begin to control their careers, whether they are in technology, engineering, farming, hospitality, etc.. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

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