The Global Mentor Exchange (GME) is an AI-powered learning and development metaverse platform that offers a more engaging, insightful, and efficient real world results focusedremote experience for HR professionals, coaches, trainers, and consultants. It helps identify the root cause of people problems and implements effective solutions through AI-assisted problem-solving. The GME platform utilizes a gamification approach to problem-solving, which enables HR professionals to be actively involved in driving digital HR transformation efforts while trainers, coaches, and consultants get access to more clients and projects.

Founder, Arthur Carmazzi, a bestselling author and ranked as the world’s #1 thought leaders in Organizational Culture, the Training and Development market is complacent with the low soft skill implementation results because there is literally No Alternative. This system will transform the industry standard because of the Psychology of HOW people learn and more importantly HOW they become Confident and Competent to implement.

The GME platform combinesthe Psychology of Group Dynamics and AI technology to generate avatars in an interactive metaverse scenario that simulate a real-world human resource problem. The user can interact with these avatars and make decisions, while the AI provides suggestions and solutions based on the wisdom of various professional service providers in the metaverse. The platform also incorporates Directive Communication Psychology (science of group dynamics), as well as other methodologies created by member thought leaders in order to simulate predictable and accurate human responses to action and interactions with avatars.

The Pre-Sale for the $LRN token which will end in the next 2 days creates an opportunity for us where we can be a part of this AI-powered metaverse. The main benefits of taking part in the Pre-sale include the following:

  1. Maximize Profits with $LRN: Ride the wave of AI-generated human development with $LRN token.
  2. Global Mentor Exchange DAO Membership: $LRN token provides membership to the Global Mentor Exchange DAO, enabling voting on its direction and participation in special discounts, airdrops, access, and profit-generating community activities.
  3. $WISDOM Token Utility: $WISDOM token is pegged to US$1 and used exclusively within the Metaverse for purchasing Memberships, Real Estate, Certifications, Personal AIs, Advertising, and more.
  4. Staking Incentives: The first 200 $WISDOM owners can stake it in the pool and earn 18.6% APY.
  5. Bonus in $WISDOM Tokens: $LRN buyers receive 7% of their purchase in $WISDOM Tokens.
  6. Token Burning Mechanism: $LRN may increase in value as tokens are burned. Each new member that joins the Global Mentor Exchange burns 100 tokens, reducing the overall supply and receiving a FREE membership NFT.

So, this Pre-sale is a gateway into this impressive metaverse for those of us interested in a platform that encourages us to evolve and learn at the same time.

The GME platform’s AI Generated gamified training and employee development programs are personalized, adaptive, and provide continuous learning opportunities, making them 80% (according to research) more effective than traditional training methods. The AI technology adjusts the scenarios based on the company’s values or objective and the user’s performance. Scenarios are personalized to the user’s background and experiences that is vetted by the AI based on discussions, desertions, and actions.

The AI also generates quests that promote mental health and wellbeing in organizations with personalized stress management resources, early identification of burnout, and support for HR professionals. The platform empowers users to take control of their mental health by providing tools and resources to help manage stress and anxiety, as well as facilitating collaboration and social support among peers.

The platform also has applications in new employee candidate vetting and discovery, onboarding of new employees where you can even have a discussion with the AI of the CEO. In hiring, determining attitudes and decision-making actions around diversity and inclusion can give insights that are difficult to attain in an interview.

Compared to current standards, the GME platform transcends ANY online Training that exists.  No more videos or Zoom meetings. Students and HR professionals can learn from a AI mentored trial and error processes in a simulated environment that has no consequences for failure. This is the equivalent to “On the Job Training” but taking hours instead of months or years, and recognised as the MOST EFFECTIVE learning process over ANY training or coaching.

According to GME Partner John Hung, the ex-charman of Deloitte Consulting China, “In working with some of the world’s largest organizations, strategy is only a small part of the success factors. Implementation and the right attitudes of the people during execution of these strategies to the key success indicator. The GME platform has everything to enhance companies to increase their bottom line through better, more competent people who have the right cultural fit and attitudes.

As the GME platform transforms HR development and performance management, it opens new avenues for investors seeking to support groundbreaking technologies with a real-world impact. By bridging the gap between AI, psychology, and professional development, GME promises a brighter future for companies and individuals alike.

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About Global Mentor Exchange (GME):

Global Mentor Exchange (GME) is the world’s first psychology-based AI-powered people development metaverse platform. Founded by bestselling author and thought leader Arthur Carmazzi, GME seeks to transform HR and performance management through its gamified, interactive approach. Utilizing AI-generated learning simulations, GME empowers HR professionals, coaches, trainers, and consultants to excel in their roles, providing personalized and effective solutions for people problems.

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