Cryptocurrency has a new CEO in Leanne Holder of Giving To Services. Having worked her way through the team as Head of Relations, Head of Partnerships and now taking the lead for the SVS token, Leanne is now the youngest cryptocurrency CEO in the world. 

Leanne has not just been impressing in the crypto world, she is also an award winner within business. Having built multiple businesses to success, Leanne has a strong background in leadership and with multiple accolades such as ‘Top 5 Entrepreneur in Britain’ and ‘Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs To Watch’ as well as winning a national Entrepreneur award, she has a strong foundation to scale Giving To Services. 

Leanne said “Giving To Services is something that I loved the moment I saw it. The SVS token drew me in and I adored the concept of being able to use cryptocurrency to help others. I am honoured to be appointed CEO. Giving back is something that spurs me on each day, makes me feel great and is why I’m proud to be a part of this community. This is how I want every single member of the Giving To Services and SVS community to feel.”. 

Giving To Services is a blockchain company that provides a decentralised finance (DeFi) reward service to holders of their token ‘SVS’. A portion of the rewards generated for holders is donated to those professionals within the Health Service, Police, Fire and Military services, as a thank you for the sacrifices they make. The system is powered by the audited digital currency SVS, which enables transparent financial interactions between individuals, charities, institutions and other organisations connected with the provision of public services.

SVS is switching to XRPL from ERC20, a decision that will enable faster transaction times and costs but also will make Giving To Services the largest charitable platform to operate on XRPL. Often the leading charitable token in the world by market cap and recently awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award, Giving To Services are members of the Crypto Climate Accord, Crypto UK, Fintech Alliance and Fintech Founders and this switch will help the company to scale, globally. 

Leanne has big visions for the cryptocurrency, “my mission is this; we have already changed the lives of many, it is time to take that one step further and change the lives of absolutely everyone who needs our help through global philanthropy, using cryptocurrency and our impressive technology to facilitate this. ‘Our Crypto Gives Back’ will always be the core of Giving To Services”.


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