UNO.FARM, the revolutionary cross-chain autofarming solution, has launched its latest campaign on Galxe, aimed at simplifying Web3 processes. The campaign provides users with a Single Asset Entry feature, allowing for easy deposits to ANY pool on the platform.

Galxe campaign members can take advantage of the new Single Asset Entry feature by depositing to ANY pool on using just one token in their wallet. This feature simplifies the deposit process and reduces the need for multiple tokens.

Speaking about the new campaign, a spokesperson said, “Our mission at is to make Web3 as easy as Web2. We’re excited to launch our new Galxe campaign, which provides our users with an easy, single asset entry solution to make deposits to any pool on our platform. This campaign reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the best user experience to our customers.”

The Galxe campaign is open to all users and is designed to encourage broader adoption of’s advanced autofarming solution. has added an incentive for participating users. These users will receive an important role on their Discord channel and an XP bonus on Crew3. The campaign is also intended to increase accessibility to’s services, particularly for new users. The campaign will end on March 8th, 2023, so interested users are encouraged to act quickly.’s innovative approach to cross-chain autofarming is quickly becoming recognized in the blockchain industry.

To participate in the Galxe campaign and benefit from the new Single Asset Entry feature, visit

About is a cross-chain autofarming solution that simplifies yield farming and provides advanced features for liquidity providers. is built on the Polygon network and supports several other major chains.’s mission is to make Web3 as easy as Web2 and provide a top-notch user experience to its customers. For more information about and its features, please visit

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