UNO farm

UNO Farm, a cross-chain auto-farming solution with automated strategies and smart analytics, plans to offer users the best yield generation opportunities from their investments in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products. 

It also seeks to raise up to US $1.6 million in a private round of token sale during the current quarter and subsequently raise an additional US $750,000 through a public round of token sale in the first quarter of 2023. 

The UNO Farm solution will enable users to easily enter the best DeFi yield opportunities and leave their Farm for several months, without the need to manually do the re-compounding of their investment corpus. The UNO Farm system will determine whether to move the liquidity, based on market conditions, yields and other factors. 

It will provide a unified interface to all of the major Farm and liquidity pools, apart from automating and maximizing the yield generation. UNO Farm will continuously analyze yield parameters in hundreds of carefully selected pools across the entire DeFi ecosystem. 

UNO Farm will also ensure that each user’s liquidity is located in the most efficient and safest of all the pools. This makes UNO more efficient than its closest competitors by an average of 55 per cent in many cases.

To put things in perspective, the constantly changing annualized percentage yields or APY in the liquidity pools cause the user’s liquidity to run in inefficient pools. This ultimately leads to a revenue loss ranging from 30 per cent to as high as 80 per cent.

UNO Farm will automatically switch between the same pairs in different pools for highest yield and automatically convert stable coins to find the best pair. The cross-chain feature of UNO Farm will bridge the liquidity across the blockchains to access the best pools. 

Incidentally, UNO Farm incorporated the Aurora Chain in November with the major Multichain update. The architectural solution will speed up the addition of other chains and yield sources as Multichain is a big feature that UNO is working on integrating in its platform. It currently is on Polygon and Everscale, with more blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain to be added soon. 

From the safety standpoint, UNO Farm has a fair rewards distribution system and conducts internal audits for new protocols to be implemented. Uno Farm’s Smart Contracts are fully audited as well by Certik. UNO Farm also plans to add an anti-rugpull system in place and an insurance pool to repay in case of any protocol failures. There is also an inheritance mechanism to prevent loss of access to funds. 

Putting all the safety elements in place, UNO Farm offers a simplified and user-friendly interface with a single-asset entry to the pools. It has advanced portfolio analytics that can give convenient analytics about the user’s portfolios. These steps are aimed at lowering the barriers to entry reducing the time consumed in the process.

Meanwhile, UNO Farm plans to offer 100 million tokens, representing a tenth of its total token supply during the ongoing private sale to raise up to US $1.6 million. The private round is the third round after Seed round, which is almost complete, and KOL round of fundraising and will be followed by a public round in the first quarter of next year. UNO Farm has also received grants from Polygon, Aurora and Eeverscale networks.

UNO Farm is backed by a qualified team. During the last three years, its three co-founders – Mikhail Perminov, Roman Vinogradov and Alex Sipakov – were running crypto development company Mycelium Lab. They have also helped in creating 30+ crypto and DeFi custom products. 

A quote from Alex Sipakov, the Co-Founder & CBDO at Uno Farm, “We want to make our product as simple as possible to bring DeFi to the masses and optimize our users’ APY. Our goals coincide with the mission of the Platinum Crypto Academy. We believe that our combined efforts will open up the possibilities of DeFi for as many people as possible.”

Karnav Shah, Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the Uno Farm project, he explained, “Project’s like Uno Farm are exciting which are actually resolving real world problems for DeFi users and are trying to get the best APY out there for the Crypto users. We will make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

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