VITREUS is a new digital infrastructure aimed at revolutionizing the financial services sector. The first-to-market platform is being developed for businesses such as Broker Dealers, Tax/Accounting Firms, Insurance Carriers, Small Banks, Credit Unions, and the RIA market, with a focus on providing a compliant and secure solution to their needs.

VITREUS is designed to handle the heavy compliance lifting, ease the burden of physical storage, and automate an array of business processes that the financial services sector deals with on a regular basis. The platform features a permissioned blockchain and a suite of software applications that provide an unparalleled level of cybersecurity, with data written to the ledger being immutable and non-fungible, ensuring a secure system for access credentials. With VITREUS, businesses can easily store and recall operational documents within seconds, taking comfort in the fact that the data has been approved by three levels of compliance assurance.

The need for a new solution in this niche became even more evident since the COVID-19 pandemic, with remote work being introduced and cybersecurity becoming an increasingly challenging front to maintain for multiple industries. VITREUS is a next generation, head-on solution for company-wide cybersecurity needs and offers a unique position on regulatory compliance. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence, which enables its client businesses to process their data through the proprietary compliance engine. This engine checks for business-based compliance objectives, regulatory rules, and compliance laws.

Managing long-term storage of operational documents has always been a major headache for the financial services sector. The requirement to house documents for a period upwards of ten years can become difficult without investing in physical storage space, and developing and maintaining a complex filing system can be a tedious task. With VITREUS, client businesses can quickly and easily store with business operation documents and recall within seconds, eliminating the need for physical storage space and complex filing systems.

Regulatory compliance is a critical issue for the financial services sector and VITREUS stands to deliver a comprehensive solution, a multifaceted approach to assuring compliance. The platform offers a suite of business software applications focused on tackling the big problems in the financial services industry with the latest technologies in a succinct and effective manner. With digital transformation on the horizon, the financial services sector can leap ahead and regain its competitive edge.

Collaborative Digital, the company behind VITREUS, was born of two RIAs from Florida that have been colleagues for several years. Founder and CEO Chad Justice of Collaborative Wealth and Co-Founder and COO Brenton Thai created Collaborative Digital with the aim of bringing forward the digital transformation of the archaic financial services industry.

Parties that might be interested in joining the Seed Round Presale of VTRS – the native no-tax cryptocurrency of the VITREUS chain – are invited to learn more about the project on There they can also find an extensive Whitepaper of almost 50 pages detailing all aspects of the project, which may very well be the most ambitious blockchain endeavor of 2023. The Seed Round will open to the public on February 21st and will last 30 days or until sold out.

Mr. Karnav Shah, Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly says, “As the financial services industry continues to evolve, the need for innovative solutions to tackle regulatory challenges has never been greater. The launch of Vitreus, an AI-backed compliance-focused blockchain, marks a major milestone in the quest for secure, transparent and efficient financial operations. We look forward to seeing the impact Vitreus will have on the industry and beyond and are excited to publish more about them in our upcoming editions.”

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