WUBITS, a Web3 social platform for the crypto community, comes with the added advantage of monetizing content beyond the boundaries of the existing web2 social media platforms thus emerging as a game-changing social media platform. 

Web3 is a term used to describe the next generation of the internet built on decentralized principles. WUBITS application of Web3 makes it a movement that aims to create a more transparent, open, and user centric web that is not controlled by  large corporations. This community driven governance, also allows users to participate in decision-making processes. Web3 uses blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies and NFTs which enable it to give power back to its users in the form of ownership and enhanced user control.  

WUBITS allows content creators to sell premium content through its tokenization into smaller pieces. Instead of a monthly subscription, users pay for individual posts making it possible for creators to generate revenue through individual posts, alerts, articles, tips, insights, and tricks.

Unlike the prior Web2 social platforms, WUBITS allows fans to access two revenue generating options. The first option refers to pay-to-read while the second option which will be live soon allows users to subscribe to creator channels to view content. 

An attractive feature with WUBITS, is its ability to allow content creators to sell to individuals who are not yet their customers thus growing their social influence and fan base. This feature is an added advantage because it increases exposure for not only content creators but also for the crypto community as a whole.    

Content creators looking to capitalize on emerging crypto and Web3 spaces as well as identify opportunities for engaging and generating rewards should visit the official platform to stay up-to-date on all updates and/or opportunities. 

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