WeedoVerse, built on the Polygon blockchain, is a metaverse dedicated to cannabis, allowing cannabis-passionate individuals to play, chill and earn on the metaverse through WeedoFarm. 

As the WeedoVerse signature game, WeedoFarm is an easy to play weed-farming game. Players have the capacity to build their cannabis farm and smoke with the objective of accessing special games and rewards. As an earning alternative, gamers can sell buds to receive game token $WDV.  

CannaGammers are steadily increasing in the gaming industry, and with more games placing a focus in their interest, this lucrative industry is fast-growing. According to a survey from Brightfield Group, 54% of respondents use cannabis before or during gaming sessions. However, only 0.2% captures the US cannabis market, thus the need for more specific games for the cannabis market. 

WeedoFarm players have the benefit of playing, chilling, and earning. Playing the game constitutes getting a plot to grow any of the 25 types of weed seeds. Individuals have four seasons and they can exhaust four growing techniques, and finally their favourite ways to consume their cannabis NFTs.

Chilling will allow individuals to enjoy live events, smoke, crew chilling, participate in game challenges, and enjoy a players’ chill-out party. 

WeedoVerse earning opportunities remain diverse as gamers can sell their weed, stake game money, rent memberships and NFT utilities, as well as earn from playing diverse  mini-games like tractor racing or poker. In addition, gamers can earn from completing provided weekly tasks. 

To boost the functionality of the Web3 Ecosystem, the platform has a new co-founder, Damiano Raveenthiran. Damiano, CEO Startup Slang, will supervise the Web3 Dev market, which allows the WeedoVerse ecosystem to remain discreet in addition to integrating a player’s wallet during the Game Start. Startup Slang is a full-service Web 3.0 eCommerce Agency. 

In an attempt to ensure WeedoFarm remains entertaining, the game will have captivating game sounds. To make this possible, DJ Doze, a DMC World Champion and famous French Hip Hop DJ, will be responsible for not only the game sounds but also organise the live events. 

Visit the official website for more information on how to participate. The playable WeedoFarm Game Demo is now available on desktop browsers and android mobiles weedoverse.io

WeedoVerse released WeedoFarm to help gamers in the cannabis market to combine their specified gaming needs and passion. Actively participate by playing the game and earn through staking, renting, and getting high with your friends in the WeedoVerse.

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